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  1. I would like to buy a NOS or excellent 41 Studebaker hood ornament. Thanks, Gary Troxel ndobedo@aol.com
  2. Sam, I am interested in any Olds manual transmission parts you may have. Thanks, Gary Troxel
  3. I found this trans last weekend and would like help identifying it. It had about an extra five inch casting on the back of the regular case. Thanks, Gary
  4. 57 Lincoln two door hardtop parts car soon to be crushed. Larry's Auto and Truck Parts, phone 360 757 7444
  5. I know where some are on a horriblly rusted body. Gary
  6. I have had one on our 429 Ford for 52,000 miles. No problems
  7. My sentiments exactly Stanley! Ha, Ha,
  8. Thanks, I figured thats what yu meant. Gary
  9. Thank you again. I wondered if 37 would be the same. Gary
  10. Hi Howard, I found a guy who may have a new fork but wants a part no. If you have a used one, I would buy it. Thanks, gary
  11. I thank you kindly. Gary Troxel ndobedo@aol.com U.S.A.
  12. I need the part no. of the Roadmaster High Gear Shift Fork please. Thanks, Gary
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