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  1. Thanks for your help! I found a set of 4 nice 16 inch spokes!!
  2. I have a 1931 Dodge 8 chassis, front and rear fenders, visor, gas tank apron, dual sidemount hardware, etc for sale. Will sell separately or as package. Parts from a coupe. PM if interested. Parts located in central Pennsylvania. Thanks
  3. Plymouth offered the 16 “ wire spoke or steel artillery wheel as an option on the PG series in 1934. Also had a 20” high clearance wheel as well.
  4. Technically they were called “Steel cushion” spoke wheels and were offered on 1934 Dodges but optional on Plymouth in the 16 inch.
  5. Need 2 Kelsey Hayes 16 inch wire wheels for 33 -34 Dodge 5 bolt X 4.5 pattern . PM me . Thanks
  6. I need 2 16 inch wire wheels that came on 1933 , 34 Plymouth and Dodge cars. Believe they were made by Kelsey Hayes and were 5 bolt x 4.5 in pattern. Need a pair but would take singles. Thanks! PM me.
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