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  1. This has been a great experience on help available through this group. I would like to thank everyone for their help on my project. I am still in need of brushes, field coil, and arm if anyone has parts to sell. Please let me know.
  2. The title shows as a 1922 but here is nothing on the data plate or the casting of the starter motor for date or part number. The fenders and sheetmetal are pre 1923 Rust is after 1924 - Dave
  3. attached ia a picture of what is on my motor Dave
  4. Mark, It is a lot better than I have - Sent you a message - check out the link also. Dave
  5. The quote that I got was between $800-$1200 and was told that there a few of these things around that are in useable shape that are available. It is just a matter of finding the right person. Dave 1922 Roadster
  6. I went to get an estimate today to fix the starter/generator on my 1922 Buick and was told to get another unit. Seems that a rebuild is as much as the car was to purchase. I am in need of a good unit if such a thing exists. If not some brushes, field coils and armature. This is going to be a car restoration stopper. I am also looking for a couple of spring clamps for the engine compartment splash pan, front spring u bolt, top clamps for the top of the windshield. I have a set of rear fenders for a '20 if there is anyone that needs them. Any help is appreciated. Thank you. Dave Williams 253-961
  7. I can use the parts, please call 253-961-3052 Dave Williams
  8. need top clamps for top to windshield post, engine pan to frame clips and sprngs, driver compartment latch and hindges, bolts that hold the top holder to the body, speeometer swivel at the axle and cable, radiator cap base for motometer, parts book(4 cylinder) floor board molding, front axle u bolt for axle to spring, David Williams 253-961-3052 daejwil@yahoo.com Thank you for the help to get my car back on the road.
  9. I have a 22-4-34 and wuld love to get it. Dave Williams 1414 Garfield st. , Enumclaw, Wa., 98022-2215, U.S.A.
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