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  1. All, The car has been sold to a good home in VA. Thanks for all the responses.
  2. All, The car has been sold to a good home in VA. Thanks for all the responses!
  3. Hi Fred, No worries, I am not offended, I don't want crazy money for it but I was thinking high teens. I appreciate the feedback. Hopefully I will get it on Ebay this week. Thanks again.
  4. For that kind of money it looks like it will be going into storage, or driving around Spain! But feel free to send an offer if interested.
  5. I really have no idea what this car is worth. I know it is worth over 15k but I have seen them sell upwards of 40K. They sure don't sell too often its a pretty rare car so hard to price. I will try to get some pics up tonight. Thanks,
  6. Hi All, Moving out of the country for a few years for work so have to sell my 30U. Older frame off restoration, very original. Great driver, nice show car. Runs and drives great. It will be up on Ebay soon. If you are interested please contact me via PM or at my email. Thanks, Jay
  7. Unfortunately I have to sell my baby, took a position overseas and don't want to put this in storage. Accepting best offers. Car runs and drives great. Older frame off restoration. Contact for pictures and more info. The car is my avatar here for reference. Located in Stewartstown, PA near Baltimore, MD and York,PA.
  8. I saw this today while browsing, figured someone here might be interested. For parts only!!!!! lol 1929 dodge car- needs everything PICKER FIND!
  9. Anybody interested in this, I saw it today. Don't know anything just figured someone on here might want it. 1929 dodge car- needs everything PICKER FIND!
  10. The Grainger part number is "4VLH7". It is 3/16 graphite inpregnated rope in a 5ft lenth made by Palmetto Packings. Fit like a glove. Mine had four rows of packing so I put four back in but I think I could have gotten away with three as four was hard to get the nut back on. I noticed if you tighten the nut after each row a little bit to cinch it in there it works pretty good.
  11. Hi all, Just wondering what the steering wheel play should be. I can move my wheel back and forth about 2 to 3" without the pitman arm moving. Car seems to dart around a little when it hits bumps. I would like to tighten it up but can't seem to find a procedure for it anywhere or even a manual that would have it. I have the owners manual but didn't see it in there. Ply33 has a procedure on his site but it is for a PA and my steering box is a little different. Any help would be great as I feel this is not too safe at the moment and still would like to cruise while the weather is good. Thanks, Jay