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  2. :cool: Hey everyone. Carlisle is just around the corner. Rich will be looking forward to meeting you and talking about the Sport Fury and Cuda, swapping ideas and tips on refurbishsing and rebuilding the classics. He will be shopping around for parts to refinish and maybe even have a few that you might need and he will be looking forward to see some of them. It's great to see all the hard work and effort that has gone into some of your projects. If you would like you could bring your heater box and Rich could take it back to be refurbished saving you at least one projects off the to do li
  3. My buddy Rich is really the guy into the cars. We both enjoy hanging out at the cars shows especially the AACA shows. Rich has come up with a really great process for cleaning up used autoparts and has restored 2 award winning cars himself. If anybody out there can use a hand in restoring thier cars. give Rich a try. chech out his web page too. Rich Rynkiewicz's Classic Cars theheaterboxguy
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