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  1. Just stay away from the remanufactured Q-Jets which started in the 80s....all of those are worse than junk. The only thing they'll do is pass emissions tests.
  2. I have 3 or 4 rebuilt factory-correct 4MV Rochester carburetors for the 67 Riviera. Let me know if you want to see any pictures.
  3. Using the spindles for the 4-piston calipers, the shop sent them to MP Brakes in North Carolina. They fabricated custom mounting brackets for a set of 2-piston calipers used on the 1999-2004 Cadillac Escalade. The rotors were 12" Bendix used on the 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I ended up selling my NOS 4-piston calipers to the manager at MP Brakes for another project he was doing for another customer. www.mpbrakes.com The new system works great. It was a big improvement over the drums...which I still have if anybody is interested.
  4. I wouldn't trust the online listings. The mods to the 71 rotors are likely the only option, other than ripping out the entire system. I'm satisfied with what I've got in mine, but I did have to get new wheels, as the original Buick steel rallys did not clear the new calipers. The Cragar Keystones just *barely* clear the front edges of the calipers...with about a mm to spare.
  5. Five years ago, I had a shop searching all over the USA for these rotors, and they came up with nothing. This is why I have a custom 2-piston system on my '67 which employs readily available parts. I had the spindles and NOS Bendix 4-piston calipers. Nobody had the rotors.
  6. What happens more often is parts get superceded. I heard about it from my friend working at a Chrysler dealership collision center in the late 90s. To reduce costs, the manufacturers will eliminate certain parts in order to make more cars use a common array of assembly components. He was working on a new Sebring which needed a replacement motor for the cooling fan on the radiator. The original part was superceded by a new motor, and the new motor did not fit. The shaft for the fan blade was 1/8" too long. Problem for the customer or mechanic. Cost savings for Chrysler.
  7. Hi Ed, I lived half of my life in upstate NY. I know a lot about how cold it gets during the winter months, especially in Ontario. About 15 years ago, I had rented a new Grand Prix which had one of those heated freeze plugs for the engine...I was there just after the Ice Storm.
  8. Interesting on the block heater....I've only seen the freeze-plug variety in vehicles. Since any frozen coolant would do the most damage in the engine, it makes sense to me to have a heater in that vicinity. I love Rivieras of this generation, but I agree that $26k is too much for it. My 67 was in rough shape, with deteriorated interior, some body damage, and a blown head gasket...and I ended up paying $2300 for it in 1994. I believe you should be able to find a similar Riviera in the USA for under $10k, and ship it back to Germany for less money. The only thing which may warrant a premium on the asking price is if the engine has the big-port heads and very VERY low mileage.
  9. If there's front-end or suspension work needed, I use Freeman Frame in San Jose. They're on Capitol Expressway & Alum Rock. http://www.freemanframe.net/
  10. I agree with Jason's observations of the vehicle. I also do not know what the cylinder is on the firewall. The heater core may be bypassed, and needs to be changed...which is not difficult to do. I changed mine last year by myself...you can get the box off without removing the hood. The rear exhaust and front suspension components are new. I also see new brake lines front & rear, and the shocks look fairly new. The engine compartment looks original, and there is no extreme rusting on the underside of the body or frame. The engine has been freshly painted with a rattle-can. I can still see the switch-pitch hookup on the intake manifold...which is another good sign. Interior is complete. Like Jason said: $4k-$7k is a reasonable price for this vehicle. It should clean up very nicely. Parts for this model Riviera are still available...for the most part, and this vintage of V8 engine will accept a lot of newer parts to improve performance. If it has the big-port heads, it will run even better than some of the other 430 cid power plants.
  11. I've had the Pertronix Ignitor III system in my '67 for the last 4 years, and it works like a charm. I'm still using the original distributor with a set of blue Crane springs in the weights. Zero problems. The older Pertronix I and II systems for Delco distributors had that magnet ring under the rotor which kept scrubbing the pickup and making the magnets fall out...no good. The new version III models use a reluctor sensor, and have no magnet ring or other moving parts...much more reliable. If my distributor wears out, I have a brand-new OEM unit ready to drop in with the Ignitor III system already installed. Drop it in, connect 2 wires to coil, and hook up the spark wires. All done.
  12. Love the seats. Did he wash it with a block of cheese?
  13. Most definitely: next meet near me I'll rustle up as many locals as I can. I will say, though, driving long distances to get to the meet is a blast in my '67. It brings back a lot of good memories of cross-country trips I've taken over the years, and sailing through the countryside with 360 horses at your feet was truly memorable.
  14. How about Fairport, NY? It's right on the Erie canal, with lots of cool landscapes and places to cruise.
  15. Sure, Ed. I'll saddle up my horse & herd 'em all East for next June.