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  1. You make an very good point, I figured I would give it a shot at least!
  2. Thank you for your honesty, that is actually what I was thinking on the price.... around 7 or 8 hundred. I am thinking about trying to part it out..... I hate to, but I can probably get about 400 out of scrap metal.
  3. pictures now added to post!
  4. even if you arent interested in buying.... please chime in at what you feel would be a fair price.... Even if I dont sell it on here I will sell it elsewhere and would like to have something to base my price on. I really appreciate any advice....
  5. Year: 1949 Make: DESOTO Model: 2 DOOR CUSTOM COUPE Price/Description: I am not sure what to price this at..... it is all original and complete minus a front bumper and window visor. You will have to see the link for pictures. There is a fair amount of rust in the trunk, other than that only what is typical for a car this old. I do not have a title or tag... it was out in a farmers field when I rescued it. I started the restoration, but only got the trany done. I have too many projects and need to cut down on them. I am willing to deliver within 200 miles of Enid OK for the right price. Location (Enid OK, USA) Contact Information (Chad Eastin, 580-231-0411,