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  1. I sent you a PM about the cap. Thanks, John
  2. Welcome Dennis to the forum! Do you have a threaded cap that is 2"? I bought one recently on ebay for my '25 Stude and it was 2 1/2" like yours which does not fit my car. Thanks.
  3. He needs to turn the lights off before the battery goes dead!!!
  4. Probably best to call these "demountable rims" so as to not freak out people about the dangerous later model split rims. I replaced all 5 tires on my Stude having never done it before. You learn what works as you go along and I find that tire irons and screw drivers are helpful also. I bought a rim spreader on ebay and it was invaluable when changing these.
  5. I bought a stainless bolt kit for my 413 Chrysler engine and they suggested that each bolt should be installed with some anti-seize compound. Not sure why however.
  6. I found that most of these sites use Buy-it-Now so I started listing just the "Auction" format and went from 8000 or so in Studebaker to just 650. I love the parts available for the 1936 Avanti!Yikes!!
  7. I could use one with 2 3/4# ID with 16 TPI. Thanks!
  8. This is what happens when they run out of parts in Cuba!
  9. I love how they get every Camaro , Mustang and Corvette shown and go to a commercial when the scarce cars show up(last time Kaiser Darrin).
  10. I found it quite enjoyable demounting and then mounting five new tires on the Stude....I lie. But I put the adjustable arms one on each side of the split and lined up the straight arm directly opposite, seemed to work ok that way.
  11. If you can rescan them at say 600 dpi and then convert them to jpeg format they will work better.
  12. Here is an old photo of my aunt on a Willys....hope it will help.
  13. What is that bar that goes across the back window? That isn't a stock item is it?
  14. My dad had a 1967 Plymouth sport fury with a 383 2bbl auto with 2.73 rear end. We took it on our honeymoon and got over 20 MPG cruising I-5 through Wash-Or-California. It was a big car and would go 100 with very little noise...almost got us in trouble being it had no cruise control!
  15. Nice work Vintman! What program did you use to fix the photo?
  16. It seems people enjoy gathering around a car for a photo. The second photo was taken in Nebraska.
  17. I know this thread is a little old but with all the people out there buried in the snow right now I thought it might be time for some more photos. Here is a street scene(I don't know where) but there is a range of vehicle ages here. Note the old 76 sign.
  18. Studegard, I sent you a PM regarding this lug, hope it helps. John
  19. For those of us who followed the old format....no matter how long it was, you could always go to the last page and work your way back to where you had left off and that made it easy to follow. Now I don't know where to find the newest photos because comments on older posts show up in date order and you get lost. I know the WM was trying to make it better but sometimes things need to be left alone.
  20. I found some old family photos with cars. It seems my grandmother would pretend thar she could drive...but never learned how!Thats my aunt dancing on the bumper.
  21. This story is amazing. A car that almost became reality and folded on the death of the man behind it. It is great the stories that come about when you find a strange post card. I am glad some still exist, they are probably deemed to be priceless.
  22. 1925 Stude wheel wedges<!-- google_ad_section_end --> <HR SIZE=1><!-- google_ad_section_start -->I am looking for some demountable rim wheel wedges and lug bolts for my 1925 Stude ER Duplex. I have some but am missing (3).The wedges have the number 933517 cast on them. These attach the split rims to the wood spoke wheels. I also need a wiper motor for the same car. Thanks, John T. I posted this in Nov. on the buy/sell forum but got no response.I have found out that they may be from a Buick but they were on the Stude when I bought it.Thanks for any help. John T.
  23. I think it was 1969 and I could have bought a '67 Plymouth Satellite Convertible with a 426 Hemi and a 4-speed.We drove it and my Dad said "you would kill yourself in this car" so I had to pass on it at $1200. Yikes! I also had a chance at a 1934 Chevrolet touring car with a Studebaker V-8 in it for $75. Once again Dad put the kabosh on that one.
  24. Was the Bobbi-car the same as the Keller? Keiser31 I will send you my e-mail address. Thanks, John
  25. I bought this postcard a few years back and am wondering if anyone knows if there was any of these ever made. If so, are there any photos? Thanks, John T.