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  1. Well, I put a set of rings,rod, and main bearings in her, and the oil pressure came up and the smoke stopped. Next, I'm going to have to change the intake gasket to stop a vacuum leak on number 2 and 3 cylinder. It's always something!
  2. On the 239 6cyl in my 54, all the head bolts are the same length. Good luck with her.
  3. I keep trying to register for judging at Hershey, but it comes up no records found? Can I register during the meet? Thanks
  4. Hi, and thank you. I have a 54 Chieftain Special two door sedan with a 239 6 cyl, and 3 speed. Love the car, We use it more than our 30 Model A sedan. Just put in new seats, and trying to get the 3 layers of old paint off of it. She runs great, but smokes going down hill, and the oil preasure drops when she gets warmed up. That's the next project. There great cars, and ride real nice.