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  1. I am tearing down a 1957 Ford Fairlane 500 4 door hardtop. Where can I get info re parts such as weather stripping for the back doors? Is this made and if not how do you get around it? Also where can one get items like the bezel surrounds on both sides of the steering column for ie Ignition,lights, Left Air or Right Air, wipers, Lighter. These boxes have labels on top of each knob. Are they reproduced and if not how do you get around them? Also ditto for the Brake Handle (emergency). I'm sure someone has restored one of these before. I also need help with paint colors (not body) ie air cleaner, 312 motor, Power steering resevoir, suspension and frame. I just need a point in the right direction. Thanks
  2. I need help with the rubber seals and gaskets for a 4 door hard top (1957 Fairlane). If they are not reproduced, how do you seal the back doors?? Also looking for the two chrome bezeled inserts on either side of the steering column (for ingnition key,lights, Left Air and for Right Air, wipers and lighter). Any suggestions as to where these might be found. Also Brake pull handle near hood release. Is this part reproduced? Generally where do I get answers for this rebuild???