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  1. brian, thanks again for that info. i will look at the frame tomorrow and see if i can get this hooked up. i am so relieved to get an idea on the springs. i'll set it up with the shorter end forward. thanks so very much david
  2. to brian stenberg and reg evans; thank you gentlemen for helping me solve this mystery. the photos show exactly what i need to know, and i am ever so grateful. i suspected that was how the sway bar mounted, but i had no way to be sure. i have a service manual but i will try to get a chassis manual. the rods i have seem to be too short to connect the eyes on the arms to the openings in the frame cross member. can you guess at the length? and for either of you, do you know where i can get a sleeve to mount the sway bar into the eyes on the shackle plate? steeles perhaps? or do you know where i can get the longer rods to connect it to the frame above? finally on another related subject, i discovered the front springs are not symetrical and it is almost two inches longer from the center bolt to one end than the other. do either of you know if the longer or sorter end goes to the front? i am so very pleased to get this straight and am deeply thankful to both of you for taking the time to send this info on to me. thank you very much. david
  3. to brian stenberg. thank you so much for that information. you seem to be the first to recognize the stabalizer and know where it goes. so that i am perfectly clear on this, the stabalizer bar, as in picture 1 above, goes into the rings in pictures 2 and 3 above? is there a grommet in there to hold the rod? but if i put the stabalizer rod in those rings or eyes, the arms do not reach anywhere near the holes on the frame at the front crossmember, shown in picture 4 & 5. how do i attach the arms to the frame? sorry to be dense, but i just can't make this thing fit and would like any additional info you can give me. thanks so very much david
  4. to 36 humpback, i believe you are right. the shafts i found probably went with the scissor shocks. those shocks had long been removed when i bought the car and someone had welded in brackets above the frame for tubular shocks, using the plate on the spring mount for the bottom bracket. but those shafts in your picture certainly look like the ones i found. thanks david
  5. thank you gentlemen, the photo and the description are a big help. i'll see what i can do. david
  6. i am restoring a 1935 dodge four door sedan. i discovered that the front springs are not symetrical. it is about two inches more from the center bolt to one end than the other. i set the shorter end to the front and it did not look right. i re set the spring and it looks better. does anyong know if the shorter on longer section goes to the front? thanks david
  7. to everyone who has been so helpful on this sway eliminator. it turns out bernbaum does not make parts for this arm , so i doubt i will bother to connect it. just drive slowly and not take the curves too fast. ought to do it. but if anyone comes up with any info on this i would like to hear it. again, thanks for your help. david
  8. keiser 31 thank you for posting the photos. i think it will help a lot for folks to see what i have been trying to describe. thanks david
  9. i did go advanced, typed in the file, hit upload. but no photos appeared in the post. can anyone help? david
  10. more on the sway bar photo one shows the bar as i found it. the ruler on the floor is a foot so the bar is maybe 30 some inches. photo 2 and 3 show the rings at the front of the lower plate for the front spring shackle to the axle. the above mentioned rod slips into these rings with a bit extra at the ends. photo 4 and 5 shows the holes in the frame cross member that are spaced the same as the eyes in the rod as shown in photo 1. photo 6 shows the shafts i found in the loose parts. it has several rubber grommets and discs, similar to a shock arm. the service manual mentions a sway bar and i thing this is it. i suspect the rod goes into some grommets in the rings on the shackle plate, photo 2 and 3, and the shafts, photo 6, connect the eyes of the arms off the rod up to the holes in the frame cross member, photo 4 and 5. this would connect the axle to the frame in sort of a knee action set up. does anyone think this is correct? does anyone know where i can get grommets to fit the rings in the shackle plate, photo 2 and 3? any help appreciated. david
  11. hi 1936 DU, no it doesn't look like that. i took some photos today and will post them later tonight. but thanks for the idea david
  12. thank you, a lot of folks have been helpful on this and i think i have the general idea. i am going to paint the engine, bell housing and trans the basic silver color. all the other bolt on item are going to be black. i am going to try to get a good orange for the oil filter as it was an add on from either fram or ac as i understand it. thanks david
  13. hi 1930, thank you for your efforts. i have a similar book with similar photos and drawings of the front end et al. in section 10 on frame springs and sh ocks, it mentions the sway eliminator, but shows no description. but i'll call bernbaum and talk to them tomorrow and see if they have a part for this. if not, maybe it will become a wall hanging. thanks to all, david
  14. thank you all so much for the help. it doesn't look like the parts posted by hwellens. i will try to get a photo up but i am not much good at the computer part of photography. this rod is maybe an inch in diamater and some 30 inches long. the arms are in from the ends maybe 8=10 inches, so it forms something like a C. the arms are maybe a foot long with a big eye at the end. in the very front of the frame by the front cross member are two holes about 3/4 inch in diamater, exactly spaced like the eyes in the ends of the arms running off of the rod. finally, on the front of the lower plates holding the springs to the axle, are two rings maybe 2 inches in diamater. so i think the ends of this rod go into these rings at each spring hangar, perhaps in some sort of a rubber holder. also in the loose parts boxes were two shafts with multiple rubber snubbers and discs like those found on the ends of a shock. so i suspect these shafts connected the eyes of the arms on the rod, up to the holes in the frame. however, the fit is not very good as the shafts ought to be longer for a solid fit. so i thought there was another place for the rod to connect to the axle. alas, i'll keep trying, but i do appreciate the help. david let me see what bernbaum has to say. but i am very grateful for all the good tries at this. if '1930' would look and see if there is a reference for a sway eliminator, i'd be appreciative. my service manual just mentions adjusting it and not lubeing it. no picture there, or in the front axle or spring section. thanks david
  15. thank you for your information. the dodge had regular leaf sprngs. in the shop manual it mentions adjusting and lubricating the sway bar, so i think this is what it it. but i am not sure how it is attached. i will talk to bernbaum tomorrow and see if they have parts for it, and how it goes back in. thanks david
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