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  1. I spent some time going back (Way Back) over my notes and with regards to U-Joint Lube .the correct u-joint lube was originally "Cylinder Oil Soda Soap" grease whatever that is !!????? I spent 45 Years indirectly in the Commercial Oil Industry and have never seen any products label as that ,So I'm sticking with 600W gear lube.. Snyder's Antique Auto Parts stock it and can ship it anywhere ..CH
  2. It's Correct that the Fitting goes toward the bottom,However that fitting takes a "Special" Lubricant ,not the same one you use to lube the Car..It should have about 4oz 0f 600w gear oil as I remember..regular Greese will Fling Out on the inside of the two caps and stay there,if you use the correct lube it also will Fling out on the caps but when you stop the car it will Drip down on the U-Joint and Lube it !! I went to Walmart and bought one of those Cheap Little Grease Guns they sell in the lawn Mower Dept..It has a tube of grease in it,so lube your Car, then take the Tube out and clean the Grease out of it and Fill it with 600w Gear oil and pump it into the Fitting an the problem is solved . By the way make sure that fitting has the little ball in the end of it so the lubricant diesn't leake out..600w gear lube can be found in places that sell Antique Ford Parts .. Hope this is of some Help ---CH
  3. i would say Your Synchronizer needs some Attention ..1st gear is not Synchronized but 2nd and high is ,it's likely the sync. ring or you might want to make sure there's no Play in the linkage or the shift levers on the side of the Transmission ..Mr Peecher what say You on this Problem ?? You might have to learn to "DOUBLE CLUTCH",Just Kidding..CH
  4. Boos-Herrel has New Latches .. Go to Page 38 in his Catalogue .Under "Deck & Luggage Compartment" it list Trunk Lock Latch .. A Little Pricey but he has it !!! CH
  5. MSSR: I Had my housings done ..The hardest part was finding some one who had a Lathe that had enough capacity to "Swing the Housing" due to the Spring shackle being welded to the Housing . Never did find A Machine shop locally that Could do That . I did find a Shop that Could "Grind" the Housing,so I went that Route..Hard to find someone that also had a Freezer .. Any way they ground the Housings ,Froze them Overnight ,Heated the new Surfaces and Pressed them on the Housing.. It worked out good as I drove 5000 or more miles them Pulled the Drums an Everything looked new..I got the Parts from Earle Brown,They came with Instructions.. And Of Course it Was an expensive Repair..CH
  6. "D' I got a pair from Bob Drake last Nov .. I ordered them on a "Standing Order" about 6 months before then , when they got them in the called me .Then sent them .. Funny thing they were Made in Cleveland Ohio and I live in Youngstown Ohio..The were "new Manufacture" by GE ..No one seems to have them and in My case I was glad to get them..Strange --- they were made in Cleveland and I had to get them from someone on the West Coast then had to Pay to have them shipped Back to Me.. If I recall correctly they were $25.00 each ..
  7. Moodier;You might want to check to see if the Rear brakes are indeed working properly .. I had the same problem some time ago and found that the Flex hose to the Rear brakes was swollen just about shut on the inside ..I would jack up the Rear and let the car Idle in gear and apply the Brakes(be sure to Block the Front wheels),see if the wheels stop turning ,also check to see if they Release right away when you Release the Brake Pedal. If the wheels do not turn right away when the brake Pedal is Released the hose may be only Partially blocked and the rear brakes are hanging up and getting hot and you are losing braking power.. It took me a while to find the problem with my car..Another Possibility is that the rod the Master Cylinder is not Adjusted Correctly and all the Brakes are not releasing all the way and all of the brakes are dragging and getting hot..Go for a Ride and When you get back feel the wheels to see if they are Hot ..Also if the Brakes don't release right away the master cylinder May be "Gummed Up"..All These are Possibilities ,There is Other I'm Sure..CH
  8. Tom,Good to see Your back in the Saddle (Cowboy Expression).. There is a Place close to you that is the "Tank Renew" franchisee ,it's on rte 5 east of Ravenna about 3 Mile.. They cut a hatch on the top of the Tank and sand blast the inside of the tank ,then coat with their "Magic" coating and weld the hatch back in place.then coat the outside ..I had my Tank done there 13 Years ago ..have not had any Problems ..last fall my tank sending went south,when I had it out I visually checked the inside and every thing is "OK".They give a life time Warranty also..While I'm on the subjeck, there's a company in Willoughby that repairs those original type sending units and any Instruments dash related as well as the Clock..Just a Heads up !!!
  9. Tom;welcome back ..We haven't heard from you in a long time,how about an "Update" on the Continental !! CH
  10. It's good to know that everything is "OK" with Tom. Maybe he will update us on how his Car is coming along when he gets Back !!!
  11. Since He only lives about 40 mile from me I was waiting for him to finish his car so I could go see it..Don't know why he suddenly stopped posting ..
  12. Someone is missing .. Haven't heard from Tom Overfield in a " Long Time"..I hope all is well with him !!!
  13. John; My Lincoln spent a lot of time in Colorado .From 1959 until 1990 when was brought to St Lewis and spent a lot of time and $'s being Restored .. It then sat tied up in an estate until I bought it in 2000. Since then it was stored all winter and not Driven in the rain..So I wouldn't be Interested in Driving it the year round..Since "rockitdoc" lives in Colorado he needs room for 4 wheelers and dirt bikes ,don't you think.. I'm done --- CH
  14. I would recommend a 12+ 24 for a single car Garage , and if you are going to have a "Man Door" add another 4ft in width . that would give you enough room for a work Bench and an area for Tools etc. Good thing about a "Man Door' is you don't have to Raise the door every time to go in or out .. A Two Car Garage I would Make 26+24 so as to have a Man Door and have room to walk around the Car of choice and not bang the second Cars Doors ..
  15. Jord; I used 600w Gear Oil ,since it's so thick I used a Greese gun ..The fitting on the caps that hold the Torque Tube to the Transmisson is where you have to Pump the gear oil in..If i'm not mistaken it takes about 8oz ..Mr Peecher can give the Correct Amount ..
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