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  1. Motor was rebuilt , stored for some time , now after just a few shot runs developed a knock , still runs , but doesent sound good , I am not a mechanic , Car is in Westmont
  2. Looking for a Mechanic , for motor work , on a 26 Chrysler Flat Head 6 in ILL :confused:
  3. I need to find someone to rebuild my genarator , also anyone know where I might get brake shoe material Thank You for any help You can give I am located in a Chicago Suburb , Thanks Again Fjirish@aol.com
  4. It is a G-70 roadster , as in your picture but it must be an early model it has round head lights , I'm missing the rumble seat , side curtains , & guages other than that the car is a complete off frame restoration The problem is I don't know what the things I'm missing look like , or where to find them , any information would be helpful Thank You
  5. looking for information , just purchased , need rumble seat ? also any info or pictures of , side curtains ?
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