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  1. WTB Crank hole covers for 1930, 34 AND 35 HUDSONS. RVB9549@AOL.COM
  2. I am not sure. Paid a lot to get it to PA from Wisconsin, thinking it was (as advertised) an Essex, to put in my Hudson Museum. The radiator itself may not be correct to the shell. Look long and carefully. If I plan to cut it and scrap it, I will let you know. Use my real email, rvb9549@aol.com PS Will be at HET National. What year rad do you need? Shell too?
  3. Thanks. Starter etc were stolen while on trailer at motel overnight bringing it back. Has OHV with single bolt in valve cover if that helps. Found what looks like chevy bowtie embossed on right frame rail with #848532 on one line and "17" below that. Thanks. Robert Blake rvb9549@aol.com
  4. Please help me identify this engine/chassis. Thanks Robert Blake <rvb9549@aol.com>
  5. I have a 1922 Maxwell with what I believe to be a 1929 Plymouth four cylinder distributor in it, presumably because the original went bad. The one in the car is DelcoRemy 635W. I believe the original was DelcoRemy 369 A/B/C. The car had been running well with the 635W till recently. The driven gear on the distributor shaft is worn and I plan to replace it. Can someone tell me how to access the drive gear inside the engine to replace it at the same time? Other ideas on this distributor swap? Any ideas or help is most appreciated. Direct email RVB9549@AOL.COM If there is anyone truly familia
  6. Hello! Can anyone help me identify where a W-K dealer called Clark and Dowling was located back in the 20s? Please email me directly. Robert Blake rvb9549@aol.com Thanks.
  7. I hadn't but I will tomorrow. I thought this might be a true oddity! Thanks again. RB
  8. Fat Man Fabrication makes a Mustang II front suspension kit with DB for this app.
  9. Hi everyone! I am looking for a points set for my 1918 Hudson. Can anyone supply them??? Thanks. Robert Blake 516-658-7295
  10. Anyone with a 38 coupe parts car? Anyone who has resto-rodded a 38 terraplane out there? Thanks. RVB
  11. Looking for strong running 48-52 Hudson EIGHT cylinder engine. Will buy entire vehicle for right engine. NYC area.
  12. Take a look on ebay. There is someone remanufacturing floor panels and trunk floors for later 30s Hudson which would likely work for you with some trimming.
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