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  1. Attached are a couple of more photos I received offline so people can share. Thanks Derek & Earl. Tim
  2. All - I just completed bolting the majority of the parts for a dual carb setup on my Super 56. Unfortunately it was the single carb manifold prior so I don't know how the accelerator linkage springs are setup. As critical as throttle linkage is, I want to get it right so it will last a while. Any pictures or descriptions would be VERY helpful to ensure I don't shear or break these little springs by mistake. Also if someone needs the single carb setup, let me know! :-) Tim
  3. I'm interested in two items for my 56S car: 1. The escutcheon insert on the interior vent window knobs as well as the window knobs. I hvae the complete knob in my car, just missing the insert graphic design on the very top of the bakeline where there is a ridge. (sorry, unsure of the proper term) 2. Interested in a oil filter assembly for my car as well. Anyone with one in decent shape that is restorable, please let me know. Thanks for looking Tim
  4. Does anyone have close up photos of the stock or nearly stock working linkage on the dual carb setup? My 56S has a single carb on the 248 and i'm swapping it out, want to be sure i'm chasing down the right parts and information. Thanks, Tim
  5. Can anyone tell me where I can get the filter media from within the oil bath air cleaner? Mine fell apart when handling and had all kinds of "lives" going on when I tried to work with it.
  6. Related topic, how long of belts have people had success with?
  7. when you find out, let me know too! I'm re-doing my 56S from a single carb setup back to the original duals. Thanks, Tim
  8. Hi All - I just purchased a '41 Super 50 and am getting used to the car and pieces/parts that it came with the 248 Straight 8. One peculiar thing, my motor doesn't have an oil filter in the usual spot opposite the intake manifold and was told by an engine builder that some models did not have the filter at all. Is this true or did someone just take it out? Thank you in advance! Also if you have advice on old part locators to get the dual carbs back in place, please let me know. Tim
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