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  1. All good got the clearance THANKS IT LOOKS GREAT
  2. Heres what I did after following Steelmans great I used 1/8x1in metal for top and bottom had to bend both to keep lights straight Attached a strap in back to stiffen lights
  3. Heres some pics of what I did using 1in x 1/8 metal on bottom and top Used smaller metal holding back of lights together making hem stiffer
  4. 😀 Where can I get a billet grille for a 1963 Riv at a decent price
  5. Can,t seem to a Billet Grille for my 63 Riviera checked E Bay no luck Any helped appreciated
  6. Hey Steelman I'm ready to install GP headlights in my 63 Riviera do you have any more pictures or advice
  7. I want to move headlights behind side patoons I know you can use 91-96 grand prix headlights but having hard time finding a complete set any ideas
  8. why not power goes through light bulb or resistor{ if bulb is burnt out } then alt makes its own 12 volts
  10. was going to use wire from light and resistor now on terminal 4 of voltage regulator and connect to #1 of new 2or 3 wire alt.and then connect #2 .and back screw on new bat. and disconnect rest of wiring neatly .What do you think?
  11. want to replace old alt/reg. with new alt. with internal regulator and keep charging light on my 63 riv non ac car did this years ago on a 66 impala with a one wire alt but forgot how I wired to keep charging light any help to make this easy thanks
  12. got seats squared away, installing new carpet ,I have two piece front ,I don't want to remove console can I still get a nice job ,any tricks?. Thanks
  13. Ed I am interested send me info on how to get them ;that's drivers side that I need Thanks Gene
  14. looking for a set of drivers side manual seat tracks for a 1963 bucket seat
  15. got motor working, have one broken cable, horizontal actuator is stripped, everything is worn have seat out reupholstered it, looks great want to drive car .
  16. want to convert my 63 Riviera drivers seat from power [too many issues] to manual. Can I use a set of manual rails and bolt them to seat frame.Where might I get them and what years can I use. Thanks
  18. I just ordered the body service manual I'm sure it will be helpful
  19. I have my front seats out of my 63 Riviera ,drivers power seat worked but would get stuck.I want to repair/rebuild seat what do I do and does anyone have wiring diagram so I check it while it out of car.Thanks
  20. could you swap arms from one control to another if you find one that has different broken arms than yours
  21. I have a 63 non air car with broken arms on heater control assembly could i use the control assembly from a 63 car with ac. Thanks
  22. how can you tell if its a 401 or 425 in a1963 riv