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  1. All good got the clearance THANKS IT LOOKS GREAT
  2. Heres what I did after following Steelmans great I used 1/8x1in metal for top and bottom had to bend both to keep lights straight Attached a strap in back to stiffen lights
  3. Heres some pics of what I did using 1in x 1/8 metal on bottom and top Used smaller metal holding back of lights together making hem stiffer
  4. 😀 Where can I get a billet grille for a 1963 Riv at a decent price
  5. Can,t seem to a Billet Grille for my 63 Riviera checked E Bay no luck Any helped appreciated
  6. Hey Steelman I'm ready to install GP headlights in my 63 Riviera do you have any more pictures or advice
  7. I want to move headlights behind side patoons I know you can use 91-96 grand prix headlights but having hard time finding a complete set any ideas
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