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  1. You are confusing me, I think those "plastic bits" you are looking for are diecast. I don't think I have a spare washer knob but have a set of knobs for controls and can probably spare some hubcaps.
  2. Most people will say take it out the bottom but it will come out the top if you take front motor off the body. Be careful will small changes from year to year with SeriesII. I got caught putting 95 engine in 97 when had to pull it back out because flywheel to torque converter bolt circle changed. Only other differences were exh manifold and knock sensor connectors. Only bad bolt is trans to engine under the exh manifold. You can get it with a long extension from far wheel well but still not easy.
  3. I worked at Buick engine plant from 1990 to 1995 and heard stories about 1964 Rivieras with 4-speeds but never an Electra. Another clue to being from factory might be how the whole for the shifter was cut out. An Electra would be easier to make than a Riv because it has same front floor and shifter as a Wildcat that got 4 speed. The Riviera stories stated that the shifter arm was welded up to get it to the correct angle since those cars were never meant to have stick shift. If you ever worked for GM you would know that if it was physically possible to build something it was probably built, whe
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