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  1. I have a 1912 Mitchell that needs total restoration. The Mitchell Club can be accessed by joining the yahoo group known as Mitchell Motors. This club is less than ten years old and we are interested in anything Mitchell. My particular Mitchell needs a lot of items. Thanks, Chip Mitchell Jacksonville, FL 904-993-2231
  2. we have a 1922 dodge 4-door sedan. we need two screw in window cranks where the crank fits thru the escutcheon and then the escutcheon screws into the window mechanism cover. Any help on these would be appreciated. Chip Mitchell Jacksonville, FL 904-993-2231
  3. We tried that. There are no pins or bolts. That is why I think that they might actually thread into the window mechanism. I have never seen a system like this on any car. It might only be on this particular year and body style for all I know. Hopefully someone has experience with this system.:cool:
  4. My father in law has this car and he has not been able to get the window cranks out without destroying them. The assembly is chain drive and supposedly are made by Rolls Royce. Does anyone know how these things can be removed? I thing that they thread into the assembly but have not been able to check that out yet. Also, does anyone have any of these? Thanks, Chip Mitchell 904-993-2231