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  1. Thanks for the compliment merman86! I have been busting my butt tearing through the car so I can find all the things I need next week at Hershey. Unfortunately I just learned that I might not be able to attend until the second or third day and having not been there before, I am concerned I'm going to miss out. But, I am still looking forward to this experience. In the meantime, here are the last of the photos I took several weeks ago. These are more of the carriage and not the parts we are working on now. Again, I am not impressed with how they turned out so hopefully I get a nice, dry d
  2. Well, it’s been a crazy past several weeks and the blog has fallen fallow. Recently I have been the only one working on the car almost every night after work and the weekends with the exception of last weekend. The wife and I packed up and took a drive to PA and CT. The first leg was to meet with an Oakland man to gain some knowledge and acquire parts. Then we went to just outside Hartford to drop off my great grandparent’s antique stained glass lampshade to be restored into a chandelier. Lastly we went to my father-in-law’s to visit and watch OSU lose to USC. A lot of miles in one weeke
  3. Greetings everyone!! First, thanks Dennis for the link to the Stewart Manual. I think everything is going to be just fine with all the instruction and manuals sent my way. And Marty, I have already sent my initiation dues to OOCI and I am looking forward to meeting everyone in the group during Hershey. And “nickelroadster”, thanks to you for your information and kind words too. I want to address the whole Marvel Carburetor situation since you asked and I have received several PM’s asking the same question…”Why am I giving up on it”? Before I joined the AACA and other groups I had the fort
  4. All you guys are awesome! My mind is buzzing so much I can't get away from the computer and off to bed....it is 2AM......Concerning the type of engine, I haven't consulted my owner's manual yet but I asked the guys and we searched all around it and all we find is forging/serial numbers and no name. But, there is a forging emblem of a 3 leaf clover in two places. Watch me make all this big deal about describing it and then find the info in the manual tomorrow. I can't fully express how grateful I am that people think we are going down the right path and doing an acceptable job. My dad and I
  5. Hello All~~ John, that tail light is beefy and handsome but mine is petite. Since I never concentrated on it before I never noticed that I need not one lens but a smaller glass plate underneath to illuminate the license plate also. Mine has no ID on it whatsoever. A very quick look in my manual on the way out the door looks like I have the right one. But now I am thinking it will probably be something that is easier to find at Hershey as a complete replacement rather than waiting to find the bottom glass peice. Does anyone know what that bottom piece is supposed to look like? It will be
  6. Greetings John, Don and CJ!! Thanks everyone for your insights! Below are shots of the engine before we pulled it. Right now it is all cleaned, painted and perched on the frame. I had meant to snap photos today but didn't have time. I will post the new ones tomorrow night..... ...but can you believe it.....we got a few pretty big purchase orders yesterday so all of us at the shop had to drop what we were doing with the car and get back to regular work. We machine parts for Honda 4-wheelers & boats. Anyway, CJ if you don't see what your are looking for let me know and I'll get you w
  7. Thanks for the response and I will dig out more photos of this auto and post them just for good measure.
  8. INTRODUCTION<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> Hello to all my new antique auto friends!! My dad and I bought the Oakland on 9 JULY 2009. It was sitting on the corner down the street from our family-owned business and we noticed it while returning from lunch. Old things are more my thing so dad was pretty perturbed when I made the unannounced turn out of traffic and into the parking lot were the Oakland was sitting on a trailer. Dad and I quickly learned that we were both well acquainted with th
  9. I just entered the world of antique cars last month when I acquired my '23 Oakland. Before I began spending every minute of my free time on the Oakland, I researched my family history. I wonder if anyone can help me ID images of my great grandparents with what I believe to be their Studebaker. At least that is what was written on the back of the photographs. The license plates and photos are dated 1915 so I know the car pre-dates 1916. Thanks so much in advance!! -Bryan
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