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  1. Keiser31, I can't seem to be able to post the picture (where is my grandson when I need him) I can send the picture to you if you can post it for me. Thanks for offering. Now i need your address.
  2. I have a NOS aftermarket 36 Dodge grill. Not exactly like the original, but close. No longer have a 36 so it is for sale at $400. How do i post a picture? h1308wess@qis.net
  3. The clothes pins do help. Their purpose is not to transfer heat, they cause air turbulence around the line thereby helping to cool the line and prevent vapor lock.
  4. Anyone installed air condition in a car from Classic Air in Florida? Good or bad experience?
  5. June 7, 2014 in MD. 1948 Chrysler Windsor club coupe. HPOF. Highland interior. Herb Wessel, 410-374-2273.
  6. June 7, 2014. 1926 3/4 ton truck with huckster body, 1928 Cabriolet, 1929 DA sedan, 1936 half ton pickup, 1937 1&1/2 ton truck, DB parts. Herb Wessel, 410-374-2273.
  7. hwess

    Divco truck

    1956 Divco truck. Original good condition. Low mileage. Was used for meat delivery. Has scales, chopping block, refrigeration unit. At auction June 7, 2014. Herb Wessel, 410-374-2273.
  8. Lots of info on that model on 39 - 46 Dodge truck site.
  9. 20 foot is ok. The longer it is the harder to get around. Have hauled many cars and still had room for supplies.
  10. I need calipers for the front disc brakes for my 1966 Chrysler 300. Anyone know where I can find them? Thanks for any information you can give. Herb Wessel, h1308wess@ qis.net or call 410-374-2273
  11. Sat. Jan. 19 there is a big Dodge Brothers auction at Dayton MD for a DB member. Lots of DB cars, trucks, & parts. Call me for info. 410-374-2273. Herb
  12. Looks like a great truck. Looks like it needs nothing, however parts are available.
  13. WF-31 is a 1 1/2 ton with 135 5/16 inch wheelbase. Don't know if vin tells something else. My favorite model truck. I have a 1 ton. Dad had a 2 ton which I put many miles on.