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  1. Is the TC still available? my email is noni1124@hotmail.com
  2. Larry, I took your advice and called Andy, he sent me a radiator that was freshly painted, but my mechanic says is no good. Called again Andy said that he would send another radiator and then I could send the first one with my radiator, hadn't heard anything... called last week he said he would check on it, called today and now he is telling me to send back the one I paid for and it will be looked at. Labor on this now will be for installing two radiators not to mention how long my car has been out of commission. Andy seems like a nice guy, but this is ridiculous! With shipping and labor I
  3. My radiator has sprung a leak and my mechanic says that there are no radiators to be found, he is a good guy and I trust him, but he says that I will have to send it to Detroit and have a new radiator built. I know the 1989 is special and other years won't fit it, but are there really none available? I love my TC, but she is going to cost me an arm and a leg.... any suggestions???
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