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  1. How many years was this wheel used? 20in by 4in wide. From what I can find at least 28-31? Then again is it in fact a Lincoln wheel?
  2. Those might not be stains on the bottles, but reflections from across the street. D
  3. Dave I think you may just be right.
  4. Any chance these could be late 20s or early 30s Lincoln? Doug
  5. Willard, sorry nothing like that in the collection. Doug
  6. Wily E. Coyote's Gopher Fogger D
  7. Dave, Looking in the judging standards, I agree that these are a dead ringer, except for the fact these wheels have no demountable rim. Possibility that they are made by after market suppliers? Erndog, you ever get out this way stop in, I don't charge for tours. D
  8. And here is Doug's What Is It #1 20in tire size 4in rim width 5 hole on 7.5 in pattern Hubcap hole is 5.5in inside. Very heavy wheel, 25% heavier than a Model A Truck wire wheel.
  9. Hello everyone, I'm in the process of selling off of most of my father's 40yr collection of car parts. Most of the collection is Model A & T Ford parts, but there are many items that I don't have a clue as to what they are. Below are several pics of what the pile of parts looks like Doug
  10. Listing of brands available in this series. Buick Chalmers Chandler Chevrolet Cleveland Durant Essex Federal Ford Franklin Gardner Hudson Hupmobile International Karavan Liberty Maxwell Nash Oldsmobile Overland Page Pontiac Reo Star Studebaker US Velie Willys Knight Thanks for looking, Doug
  11. Double click on the thumbnails for larger view. I have nearly a hundred titles in the teens and twenties, they are 8.5x11 in size and are suitable for framing. Note that there is no year of manufacture on these, there is only serial # and engine # and date of issue. Years listed have been found via internet sources. Price is $150 each plus $10 shipping and insurance. Here's my site with a complete listing of available titles. Rust is Gold Doug
  12. Eduardo If Dave Corbin does not show up hear in a couple of days, I would click on his name and send him an email or a private message. He does seem to be the man with all the Buick numbers. Good luck with your search. Doug