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  1. i have a 57 golden hawk hood $550.00 plus shipping.
  2. thanks for all the help guys. i am trying to get the dealer number for my warranty book. the number was never typed in when i bought it and back in 69 i didn't even care.a
  3. how do i find info on old Chrysler Plymouth dealership from 60's? looking for Mid City Chrysler Plymouth that was in downtown Jacksonville Fla where i bought a new 69 Plymouth Road Runner.
  4. Leif, have a 1927 model 27 115'' wb. any other front fenders interchange with it?also part that goes under radiator between fenders .covers frame rails.
  5. I have a 51 L-120 panel. same hinges, tail light and wire coming out of hole in back to taillight left hinges were very nice. rt side had been replaced for some reason.[ home made] after searching for 3 months I made my own copying the left side. took some time but look nice.don't know when they started making these hinges but had to be in early 40's. i found 1 L parts truck but it was rusted to the ground. guy wouldn't sell just the hinges. it went to crusher.i can text you some pictures if you want.
  6. I have a L-110 short wheel base pickup with a T-9 4 speed and a L-120 panel truck also with a T-9 four speed.
  7. looking for 50-52 panel truck body parts.
  8. thanks sean 1997, I found this car [the body ] sitting on a wooden dolly 4' high sitting in a garage for 51 years .lot of the parts frame, suspension ,rear end, transmission were restored back in the 60's I have been sorting parts for 3 days so I can get pictures. Jerry
  9. does engine number 1940882 sound like a 1927 number?
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