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  1. 1948 Lincoln, You are probably correct about the seat. I should have noted that the Red and Green plastic weave with the Grey bolster came on the Custom Cab models. I believe the Standard Cab models came with a solid vinyl material. I don't have my brochure with me now, it is with the upolstery shop who's doing my seat, but I remember the standard cab and the custom cab having different seat materials. There is not a lot of information on some of the older Ford P/U so I have been researching and referring to manuals and brochures for the information while I am restoring my 55 F100. Any information you have is certainly appreciated. I am now getting ready to paint the engine and have been looking for an engine paint that is the right shade of Yellow. I recently uncovered an inspection plate on the bell-housing that was covered with a 1/2" of gunk. When I cleaned it I found the, what appears to be, the original Yellow paint. It is more of a pale yellow with very little gloss. Hard to find an exact match these days. Blue 55
  2. I also have a 1955 Ford F100 which came with the original color sales brochure. I bought my truck from a family who owned it since 1960. My truck came with the red plastic weave seat material which the family remembers well and hated it and can't believe I would put it back in. I told them "I didn't pick the color, Henry did!". The truck is all stock so I have to do it. If you are still interested in a color picture my brochure has both the red and green shown. I can try and scan it and paste it on a posting, just let me know. The seat has grey sides with a grey pleated bolster on top and it waterfalls in the front with the red or green insert material. I also found the exact material at SMS Auto Fabrics in Oregon. My seat is in the upolstery shop right now being put back to factory. SMS Auto Fabrics 350 South Redwood St. Canby, OR 97013 (Map) Phone: (503) 263-3535 Fax: (503) 263-3525 Mon-Fri 8:30-5:00 PST
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