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  1. Those cars were ahead of their time, wish they made em that simple today. My neighbor is restoring one now. I believe this is a 63 . would like to some pics of the 67.
  2. On the subject of oil changes I have to post some photos of a salvage motor I bought that had some serious sludge. This motor actually ran and was worth saving.
  3. 1.Awesome detail and interesting techniques on this model. 2. Like many of you, Roger has a very cool list of other cars. When I see this I usually go to the members profile hoping to see more on these other fine autos, in the section provided "albums". I sent a request to Roger and he obliged. What a treat, check them out, and I encourage others to post theirs if you haven't yet. This is a great site and although I am more of a spectator, thanks to all who participate. John
  4. Jason, Great looking car, I love the names they gave them back then, it fits. Chiming in with the guys who suggest cleaning it up while keeping as much of its present look. New paint jobs are a dime a dozen, I love seeing a dash as it came from the factory. Good luck, Im sure it will be fun no matter what.
  5. Those vans are great, I had a 66 with the same body style, the cool automatic stick shift mounted straight out of the dashboard, flat split windshield and It was powered by the toughest slant six I ever saw. Dad put over 150,000 on it, I put 40,000 on it and then a rear leaf spring finally rusted through the floor after 10 years of rough winters with salted, pot holed Boston roads. I scrapped it but pulled the motor and put it in a 73 Van. I worked that van for another 4 years. Aside from tune-ups, a few alternators & oil changes it was still running strong when I sold it. Dug around an
  6. Congratulations John, huge milestone, I enjoyed the virtual ride myself.
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