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  1. Good Lookin Car Scott! Glad things worked out and I wanted post a little side note on this subject. Rotors are going to wear and warp with even the most careful drivers but a sure way to shorten their life is to Heat them up and then Cool them quick while hitting a puddle. It's like taking the hot fry pan from the stove to the sink. Anyway, avoid the puddle at the bottom of the off-ramp whenever possible.
  2. It's like a train wreck, horrible, but you have to look. What do you think, stacks of washers & shims to make it work?
  3. Again, I know this topic was dicussed before and I remember adding my 2 cents. If you buy one you can crank it down while in your hand and see how it works. it's like two pie plates sandwiching a donut with a bolt in the center. As you tighten they squeeze together and expand the rubber. Hopefully you can poke a hole in the metal one and pry it out. it is easy to knock inside the block if you are not carefull. I would start the hole with an awl or sharpen an old scewdriver, and go at angle in the bottom edge of the freeze plug , not straight in at the middle. Maybe the area where it corroded.
  4. Correct, How much space to slide the new on in?
  5. You may be stuck with using one of those rubber expanding crank ones. I recall a thread on this topic here. The rubber ones are fine, if you can dig out the old one.
  6. Browsed around for those specs, What I have found is, 37 lbs plus 130 degrees. It is recomended you use new bolts and follow the sequence to get these equally tight. I came across a sequence diagram but I was unable to copy & paste it. Again, check twice and assemble once.
  7. Now you have me scratching my head to recall?? What ever the tourque was, I went by a Chiltons book, and the car has been running great for over 16 K miles. This is whats great about this forum you can double check with others, In the mean while I am going to recheck my source as to what I did, but I am almost certain it was a lot more than 65 lbs.
  8. That block looks petty good, I went through the Riv's series II a while back, things are tight, but do able. I often wonder what the difference's is in these 3.8 s? I was floored by how much you have to crank the head bolts down, 130 lbs if I recall. The old 350 V-8's are 65 lbs. Anybody that wants to do a series II swap should be aware, the early plastic intake plenumns melt, ( 1995) and better plastic replacements are now availible. Check out where the melt was actually blowing water into the air intake. If you roll the dice like I did and say, not me, you may be doing this same tear down.
  9. That's a good looking rim. Think of what a new set could set you back? I think a tank strip by a pro will leave you with a smoother finish than sandblasting. Remember the paint job is only as good as the prep work.
  10. Hmm, Not to win any drag races, although I like what some of you have done with the series II and supercharger's. I have had a lot if Buicks over the years, during the muscle car era I loved my GS, and if Buick wants build fast, they can. Then a Regal and a few Riviera's 83-90&95. As luck would have it I could not drive past this one that was for sale by owner on the side of the road near my house at a reasonable price. I enjoy the solid ride and on the highway it will run with the best without breaking your wallet at the gas pump. The high gear ratio, like the rest of the car was ahead of
  11. I agree with, and understand your veiw 100%. I love the ability to enjoy and own individual unique means of transportation. As a former Boston resident I used, and know that public transit can be great also. I now live in Florida where things are spread out and it makes no sense. This Governor recently rejected billions in federal money for building a light rail. Anybody can disregaurd the information I made available, or think about a future without the pleasure of cool cars.
  12. My point being that you can't build enough light rail lines and afford enough buses to make public transportation work on any useful scale here as things are WAY too spread out. KDirk The rail systems are not designed to come to you, the plan is to bring you to the rail system. In 1992 George Bush Sr. approved this plan. YouTube - ‪What is AGENDA 21? Infobullet Series #1‬‏
  13. Nice find, I have never heard of a 305 in the V-6? Try Wickopedia. It appears to have a lot of original restoration potential as a good clean driver without going broke. These parts are abundunt and inexpensive. I would look for some rims, trim rings bow tie center caps. my 2cents
  14. Richard, If the problem just started you may have limited the cost to only the tires. As Padget says they can fall apart just from age. I had the same symptom, vibration and pulling. To check, chock the rear wheels, shift to neutral, Jack the car and spin the tire. You should be able to see or feel the humps.
  15. I agree that one looks good. Did you notice the required change in rear post to give it the coach look? May be the alternative for these broken rear window's that can't be located.
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