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  1. Two more pics for the collection. 1931 Rumble seat coupe and 1956 Safari. Give me a year or so and I'll add the 1949 when its finished! Jim
  2. Robert, Look around for a clutch & brake rebuilder in your area. They should be able to replace the linings. Or, if your comfortable doing it yourself, McMaster - Carr (mcmaster.com) has brake lining material and rivets/bonding material. Jim
  3. Bob, It's not removing the bumper from the car I'm asking about. It's separating the chrome bumper from the steel bracing. The ends of the bumper are bolted to the brace in something like an eye bolt fashion, but the two pieces are interlocked. Thanks Jim
  4. I'm getting ready to remove all the chrome from my 31 Pontiac so I can finance the rechromer's kids education. I've never disassembled a spring bumper and can't find any info on how best to separate the bumper from the bracing and, more importantly, how to put them back together! Any help is greatly appreciated. Jim
  5. Thanks for the info. I may need to get some pictures in the future if I can't find a visor. Turns out the chevy visor was off a sedan and not the same size as the coupe. I'm a long way from needing the visor, so I'll just keep looking and hope something turns up. If not, guess I'll be making one!
  6. Thanks! I may go ahead and get the Chevy visor as a back up. It will be awhile before I'll be to the reassembly stage, so I'll keep looking and hope a Pontiac coupe visor can be found. Jim
  7. Does anyone know if the sunvisor off a 1931 Chevrolet coupe as the same as the one on a 1931 Pontiac? I've ordered an interchange manual, but it's not to me yet and I have found a '31 chevy sun visor, just don't know if it will fit my 31 Pontiac. Thanks Jim:confused:
  8. Thanks for the info! I need to put wheels on the car to get it out of the barn its in. Didn't seem to make sense mounting tires without finishing them first.
  9. I'm beginning work on a 1931 Sport Coupe. The paint code is 2041 - vineyard maroon with black window molding and aurora red pin stripes. The car currently has black fenders. Does anyone know the correct color for the wire wheels with this paint code? Also, are black fenders correct? This is my first attempt at a 30's vintage car, so I'll have plenty of questions along the way. Thanks Jim
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