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  1. Thanks Matt but I am talking about the actual motor. I replaced the arm assembly with new one already. The motor does not seem to turn. Would a relay prevent the motor from turning or is the motor shot? Thanks Nick
  2. Hi Guys, 1. Where can I get a right side headlight motor? 2. Where is the headlight relay? 3. Could the relay stop the right side motor from working? The motor worked a few months ago, car has been sitting for 2-3 months. 4. Can I repair the motor myself?:confused: Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Nick. Also Anyone want to buy my 90 Reatta Conv, runs real good but needs top and paint and some other stuff. Fair condition. Nickcosmo112@Gmail.com if interested Thanks again
  3. I use a rubber door stop, worked great with a little glue. ha ha ha
  4. Thanks Ronnie for the info I was having the same problem with the compressor shutting off before any 134a juice got in. I jumped the switch and the compressor ran, now I need the juice. I'll let you know if it fills...Nick ...... 90 Reatta conv Florida. Hot here everyday
  5. Thanks fellows Now one more question is my low pressure value on the accumulator??? I can't see it any where else... Bick
  6. Hi Guys, Why does my ac compressor click on for 5 seconds then click off. Does it 4-5 times when I tried the procedure where I take the neg cable off battery off for 5 sec and restart the car at 60 degrees high blower on like on the sticker... This is a new four year old compressor. I thought it might be low on 134a juice I put a gauge on, it says it is full, is there a fuse or some thing that is kicking the compressor off. I didn't use the compressor all of last year, car was laid up for 5 month through the summer. Any help would be great... Thanks Nick
  7. Hi Guys, I had my A/C compressor and other stuff replaced 3 or so years ago. My 90 Reatta sat for a while (6 months) through the winter, I'm in southwest Florida...Now the air is hot so I want to put some more juice in but I can't find the low pressure valve to fill it up. Can anyone tell me where it is and if there is a special way to do it?? It is getting really Hot Hot Hot down here.... Thanks Nick :confused: :confused:
  8. Yea, Mc_Reatta, It is like everyone's description of a no start, I turn the key and nothing-- no crank. It worked fine after I had the starter replaced 6 months ago when it had the same problem. I'm not sure if the Buick dealer told me the truth then but they replaced the starter and it started when I picked up the car. I tried moving the shifter around into different positions pressed the brake pedal as I did it too--- nothing. I Checked the starter It's only 6 months old but it turns when I tested it, so that is out as the problem. Can I bypass the the Anti Theft unit some way? One thing there is a ground unit box for the electronics on the fender near the battery that is old and kind of loose would that have anything to do with it?? I'm just trying to think of everything... I tried a new key also. If I can eliminate the anti theft I would do it. Your wisdom would be well appreciated. Thanks Nick
  9. Thanks Jim didn't know that,,,, I'll check for then but I have a 90 maybe it's the same I hope so...again thanks----Nick
  10. Thanks Guys all your info is very helpful. I see it now, can I just adjust it or do I need a new one?? One other thing, when I put the gear in reverse the reverse lights work... When I move the gears to park the auto lock move and when I set the gear in drive the auto lock also works. Does that mean it is still good or the hell with it should I just replace it...
  11. Hi Guys, Can someone tell me where the neutral safety switch is located on a 90 Reatta 3.8L. How do do test it?? Thanks Nick:confused:
  12. Hi, Why did my Tonneau switch stop working??? 90 Reatta convert Nick
  13. Crazy Rays Junk yard?? Is there Phone number I need a side molding piece driver side quarter panel, will they ship the part?? Nick 90 r conv.
  14. Hi Guys, I have 90 red conv Reatta which had a little parking lot side swipe which took off the side molding at the rear quarter panel drivers side. Anybody know where I can get a replacement for that??? An auto body shop tried but failed. You guys know it know it all. Please post some help in finding this part. Thanks.:cool:
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