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  1. A GM SP/TT 400 will not fit to your 1956 322 CID nailhead block. I do not know who makes an adapter to mate them. However, you can obtain adapters to mate the GM Turbo 350, Turbo 400, or the two OD automatics to your engine. You can remove the torque tube driveshaft and differential assembly from your rear axle housing and install the differential from a early 60's Buick there, axle spline counts match - thus converting it to open driveline. Look at Russ Martin's webpage on Centerville Auto Repair for information regarding tranny swaps and his torque tube eleminator kit. http://centervilleautorepair.com/
  2. Your best bet is find a 50-53 Buick 263 out of a Special or Super and mount it in the 36. If your 36 is a 248, the motor mount assemblies are adaptable to the later 248s and 263s.
  3. No need to count the teeth. Just drain the lube oil (dope to you old timers) from the differential, remove the rear cover plate, and rotate the ring gear around until you can read the numbers stamped upon it. For instance a 4.10 ring and pinion will have 41/10 stamped on the ring gear (crown gear for those down under). Find the numbers and do the math. Ok guys, found one, will look for more. Read the tech tips contained here: http://www.1937and1938buicks.com/The-Torque-Tube/Volume%20XIV%20Number%203%20(January-February%201996)%20(From%20Dug%20Waggoner’s%20collection).pdf More: http://www.1937and1938buicks.com/The-Torque-Tube/Volume%20XXV%20Issue%201%20(Fall%202006)%20.pdf Another method: http://www.1937and1938buicks.com/The-Torque-Tube/Volume%20XXIV%20Issue%204%20(March-April%202006).pdf More: http://1937and1938buicks.com/The-Torque-Tube/Volume%20IV%20Issue%202%20(October%201985).pdf
  4. Carlsile, The differential assembly (pumpkin) in the Special rear axle is interchangeable from 1941-1955. These all have 12 splined axle shafts. The 1950-1952 (and maybe 1953) Special axles are virtually the same width as your 1938 Special axle. As stated previously 3.56 (3.60) gears were available in the dynaflow equipped versions, and 3.41 gears were available in the 1954 Century. The 1938 propeller shaft (inside the torque tube) is 6 splines where it mates to the transmission, the 1941-1955 is 10 splines. You'll need to use the front portion of your 1938 torque tube and propeller shaft (cut and welded) mated to the 50-52 Special torque tube and propeller shaft. Going this route eliminates having to disassemble the pumpkin (differential). Machining material off the face of a latter differential to fit it inside a 1938 Special housing will require a rebuild of the differential. Regardless of either method chosen, you'll have to modify your torque tube and propeller shaft. You will probably need to use your 1938's rear radius rods and parking brake bracket to complete the conversion. You will need to convert the 1950-1952 Special housing to tubular shocks as well. Search this index of the Torque Tube publications http://1937and1938buicks.com/The-Torque-Tube/Torque%20Tube%20Technical%20Index%20By%20Frank%20Freda.pdf for various articles regarding upgrading your 1938 Special's rear axle ratio. Be advised the 1938 Limited and Roadmaster has a different rear axle than the Special and Century. A 1956 Buick axle and/or differential swap presents two issues. Axle shaft splines were increased to 30 in 1956, and I believe the complete assembly is somewhat wider than a 1938 rear axle assembly.
  5. Not to mention one of the end extensions is cracked. The pot metal can be TIG welded and chrome plated - if one has all the pieces. All I've ever seen, the broken piece is missing. Hard to come by parts. But I agree, price is sky high...
  6. Jim, Contact VolksJunky on the HAMB http://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/s...d.php?t=550649 and ask him to put you in touch with Jeremy. I sold my 53 Special to Jeremy along with a spare intake manifold (the exhaust and heat riser going to buick263/tommyboy53186@aol.com<tommyboy53186@aol.com). Additionally, I included with the sale the 2nd spare intake/exhaust assembly - which Jeremy probably would be willing to part with as the 263 in his 53 Special already has an assembly installed on it. I'd put you in touch with Jeremy myself but I no longer have his contact info.
  7. What is width and backspacing on them? I presume 15" and 5 on 5" lug pattern?
  8. Thank you Bill. I did not consider the Roadmaster version were bi-directional. :-)
  9. What model? Special/Super, or Roadmaster?
  10. Jeff, email sent. Trying to find something that works for my needs.
  11. Thanks Mark. I sent them a message via their website.
  12. Looking for NOS or aftermarket .015" steel head gasket for 50-53 Buick 263 CID straight 8 engine.
  13. I have a 4.10:1 differential and two axle shafts out of a 49 Buick Super rear axle. The diff gears and axle shafts look like they are brand new. The diff will fit any Buick axle housing from 1941 to 1955. Will sell the diff and two axles separately for $100 per item. PM or email me if interested.
  14. 1953 Buick Special 2 door hardtop. Doors lying on front seat. All stainless trim is there. Needs floorboard work and repair to front grille. 50th Anniversary Buick. Has 263 straight 8, 3 speed on the column, banjo steering wheel. Comes with spare 3 speed tranny. All glass is good except for the doors. I have a friend in CA who has a set of cherry doors, and another in WA who has a nice grille. Located in Anchorage AK. $1000. Needs to be trailered to your location. Have diesel truck and 16 foot Carson trailer, will haul for negotiated fuel expenses.
  15. If you can live with manual choke, try a Holley (Ford) 94 on the 37. You may want to blend the throat of the carb mounting surface on the intake manifold to match the throat of the carb. Any 3 bolt base Stromberg Aeroquip, Carter WCD, or Stromberg 97 will bolt on as well. Take your pic...
  16. Your 322 will love that 500 cfm Edelbrock (AFB). Nailhead Buicks like a lot of carb. Clean up the 4GC and put it on here, Team Buick, the HAMB, or Ford Barn classifieds. It will sell. Those air/fuel ratio checks mentioned will help you dial her in for best performance and economy. Read the plugs... She has a wicked idle!
  17. Any Roadmaster stuff? Looking for brake components...
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