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  1. I found a pair of newly chromed 11 inch Parabeam headlight buckets, rims, and flexsteel wire covers. The O.D. of the bucket is 11 inches. The rims are smooth all the way around. There is also a pair of running lights with mounts. Any ideas ?
  2. I looked for an hour online with no luck. Thanks.
  3. The driver could lower the deck lid with a button and lever in the cab. This would help keep the flowers from getting too much damage. The back of the decklid raises a little and the tailgate opens to the right you can put a casket in on the rollers. You can't lower the flowers if "Uncle Bob" is in the back.
  4. I googled it and the same thing came up on one other car sight.
  5. That cell number in the ad is to my other number and I haven't even seen that phone in a month, sorry. If anyone is interested let me know here.
  6. I get most of my spam from gmail accounts. This might be the real deal but the 714 after the name is also a bad sign.
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