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  1. Is the used/working 6 volt Voltage Regulator a three or four terminal?
  2. Help, A friend of mine is trying to identify this auto for his father (who is in the pics). He thinks the first picture was taken in 1923 or 1924. Thanks for your help! Gary C 1937 Buick Special Las Cruces, NM PS Also attached a pic of my "daily driver"
  3. Hi! 2.) What should the rear tailpipe holder look like for my 1937 Buick Model 41? The muffler and rear most section of the tailpipe were missing when I bought my Buick in July. There is a sketch in the Shop Manual of the bracket, but not how/where it attaches to the frame/body. Some pictures from an actual car would help me greatly. Or a better sketch. Does anyone still sell the actual bracket(s)? Thanks for all the help! Gary Cline Las Cruces, NM
  4. Hi! 1.) What does the front license holder look like on a 1937 Buick Model 41? Are there sketches or pictures that I can look at? Does it fasten to the bumper? Can I order one? Thanks! Gary Cline Las Cruces, NM
  5. Hi! Working on my recently acquired 1937 Buick Model 41, I wondered what is chrome and what is stainless steel originally? Hub caps, wheel rings, trim, grill, ect? Is there an article or other source that describes it somewhere? Thanks Gary Cline Las cruces, NM
  6. Hi! Where can find a replacement for the Engine Ventilation System Inlet Filter for my 1937 Buick Model 41? It's located on the driver's side rear of the engine. Txs! Gary Cline :confused: Las Cruces, NM
  7. Hi! The original door panels on my 1937 Buick Model 41 are in pretty good shape except at their lower edges. I remember seeing an original Buick accessory for $1 (1937 prices) that covered the lower corners of the side panels. They also had photos showing them on members cars. It was in Torque Tube magazine Vol XIII Issue 5 page 3. Does anyone have them on their cars? Can I buy them still? What were they made of and how were they fastened to the door/panel? Any help would be appreciated greatly! Gary Cline :confused:, Las Cruces, NM<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
  8. Hi! Yes, a picture is attached. What I believe is the "accelerator switch" is underneath the carb. It is a couple of inches tall. It appears black compared to the carb. I "arrowed" it in the pictures. I believe that the original "vacuum start switch" wires were switched over to it when it was installed. They're on the laft side in pic. Txs! Gary Cline
  9. Hi! I have a 1937 Buick with a Carter WDC #633 carburetor. As I understand this carb is actually for a 1948 Buick 8 248 cu inch engine. I have found references that said that the 1948 Buick 8 had an accelerator start feature like my 1937. My 1937 Buick will start by pushing down the accelerator. However, the original vacuum starter switch on the intake manifold is not connected electrically or mechanically. But there appears to be some sort of electrical/mechanical device that is bolted between my Carter carb and the intake manifold. Is this a vacuum starter switch equivalent from a 1948 Buick? Everthing works okay I'm just wondering how it works. Gary Cline