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  1. The scooter is also missing its tags so I don't have that information either. What would be really nice is a set of drawings with dimensions for all the parts. So far I have made the lower counter-shaft bracket and the three hole offset pulley and the bottom brake lever using the patent drawings and pictures I could find. The aluminum parts were machined from solid using manual machines in my basement. I found an old V-pex clutch similar to the A65S and made dies to straighten out the back shell that was all beat out of shape and turned the pulley faces back to cones. They were badly worn. I
  2. Just found this place. In 1955 I got a Doodlebug rolling frame and motorised it when I was in high school. Recently I got another one not so complete and I'm working on it. Here are some patents that turned up on Google patents that relate to Doodlebugs. MERTZ MOTOR SCOOTER - Google Patent Search POWER TRANSMISSION DRIVE ADJUSTMENT - Google Patent Search BRAKE CONTROL AND ACCELERATOR - Google Patent Search DRIVE WHEEL ASSEMBLY - Google Patent Search ROTARY FLUID COUPLING - Google Patent Search DAVIS - Google Patent Search Mine is missing the sheet metal, motor, drive train, seat, handlebars,
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