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  1. Looking for replacement spark plugs for my 23 Buick. It's got ac 78's now.
  2. Think I may have found the problem anyway...when I remove the vent tube and manually lift the check valve I can make the fuel transfer from the inner to the outter tank. I think maybe that weak vacuum due to a leak might not allow the proper amount of fuel in the inner tank to raise the float high enough to push up the vent check valve. I resolderd the fuel line into the banjo fitting thinking I may have a leak there. no help. I had new copper crush washers on the banjo connection but I observed fuel around that connection so I'm gonna replace the copper washers with the hard fiber washers and see if that helps the vacuum situation... Added the new washers and now how good seal at fuel connection. No change in performance ..must have vacuum leak somewhere..... Found another possible problem. I was checking the tank connection (rear main tank) and thought I'd resolder the tube going into the tank. I noticed the end of the tube had some crud in it.it wasn't totally obstructing flow but may have been clogging where the connection makes that bend at the banjo fitting. When the engine dies it probably fell back down..someone on the thread had mentioned this ...I'll let you know how it turns out.
  3. I verifyed that thefloat in the inner tanks is good when I was cleaning it.
  4. thanks that would be great. My email is retroaudiolab@yahoo.com thanks
  5. I do have all of the parts and an inner and outter tank. I checked the little flapper valve..theres not much that can go wrong with it. Everything is moving freely. Fuel is somehow being released when the engine dies. Suction is keeping the flapper closed I geuss. The valve that releases the vacuum must not be working right and allowing gas to flow from the in er to the outter tank. I actually sprayed penetrating oil over the valves and linkages just to make sure they were moving freely..then I sprayed with a solvent to remove the oil resisdue. Everything looks right but something is still wrong..thanks for the stewart pdf file.
  6. Well I've run out of things to try on the Stewrt vacuum pump and Marvel carb. Engine starts and runs fine until fuel is used up in float chamber. When engine dies the gas comes rushing back into the carb. I have completley disassembled the fuel system including the tank. I installed a glass filter so I could see if the fuel is being sucked from the tank and it does. I don't seem to have any vacuum leaks as I've used thread sealer on every connection.
  7. Steve, Did you ever get your problem figured out? I'm having similar issues with my 23 Buick
  8. link got truncated...could you resend to retroaudiolab@yahoo.com thanks
  9. great photos. I think Ill do the same setup for a downtube air vent .Minne uses the port next to the vacuum connection. Having the visible fuel bowl inboard of the vacuum tank is a great idea. I think I saw a filter/bowl setup like that available at Tractor Supply. thanks
  10. I must have a leak somewhere..The connections are tight but must not seal. I've tried teflon tape but it seems to work out the threads. Maybe Ill try some thread compound. I hadn't thought about a air leak at the fuel supply coming into the vacuum tank but I've got new coper washer that came with a gasket kit. thanks
  11. that describes the problem exactly...I cleaned the whole tank originally but could still have some debris..Ill try that
  12. I can pump gas into the fuel pump tank via an electric fuel pump.I have sinced bypassed the electric fuel pump because I thought that the vacuum wasnt strong enough to suck through hte electric fuel pump. but know change.I could have air leaks though.interesting that when I remove the top of the float bowl cover and observe the float as gas is consumed and float drops no gas enters the carb. then as the engine dies from starvation fuel enters the carb.
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