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  1. I found one of these at a yard sale. Looks late 1930s or early 40's. Is it Chevy car, truck, or both...and what year is it? Much thanks you for any help.
  2. Thanks, belatedly. I was only off by about 15 years. The color threw me off on this, as it resembles a 1950s truck color. I do recall these Novas now, with this trim piece on the front fenders. There were a zillion Novas on the road, back in the day...
  3. Thanks !! I looked in a Plymouth book, and it does look like it is from a 1950 Plymouth. It has a L stamped inside, so it must have been from the left hand end of the bumper.
  4. I found this bumper guard in a box of 1954-1967 Chevty car parts, but think it is not Chevy. . . Anybody out there recognize it? Thanks , Doug
  5. I found what I think is a radio delete panel. It is diecast, with 5 mounting studs on the back and part number 3943206 G 01033 PAINTED, and 3943204 G 01032 PLATED on the back . NO DPCD logo, so I suspect it is not Mopar. It measures about 7 1/2 by 3 3/4 inches, and has a slight curve. It was in a box of a few odd 1953 - 66 chevy trim parts, but that might not mean anything. Blue Color looks like a mid 1950s pickup truck. Anybody out there know what this is ??? Thanks, Doug
  6. I found a trailer made out of a 1920's Buick front end, in a barn here in Maine. The tires are 5.00 / 5.25 X 21 inch. There were brakes on the front wheels. The wheels are wood spoked. Both hubcaps are aluminum, and say Buick on them. One is in script, the other is in block letters. On the axle is a flat space with the number 1031578 stamped in numbers that are about 1/2 inch high. Can one of you Buick fans tell me what year this is from? Thanks, Doug
  7. I had one of these, and I sold it to a local guy who had a 38 Chrysler Coupe. It might also fit 37 Chrysler, BUT it looks like the grille design on the 38. So, I think it is 38 only. Also, it looks a little like a computer mouse.
  8. A local collector thinks that this might be either Mercury or Pontiac. Can any body out there there confirm or deny this? Thanks, Doug
  9. I have 2 pieces of stainless hood trim, that had an old tag that said "194? Chev". But, I have been told that they look more like 1940s Olds. They are pointed on both ends, about 7/8 inch wide, and about 55 inches long. Anybody have an idea on these ?? [/ATTACH]
  10. Thank you for your answer. I had no idea that this ancient part number still was alive on Google. It has been a long time since I have seen a 50 Olds on the road. I really appreciate your help. I will have to check out the Collector's Auto Supply site. Regards, Doug
  11. This is a Right Hand trunk lid hinge, that is marked inside with "Ferro" in script inside a diamond shapeed border, and also " RH 17572" . It is about 5 3/4 inches lokg when closed. Anybody know what make and years it is from? Thanks again, Doug [/ATTACH]
  12. This is a late 50s or early 60s FORD hood or front fender ornament. It is about 11 inches long, and has number PT 10257 cast inside. Anybody out there know the model and year? Thanks again, Doug [/ATTACH]
  13. This dashboard plaque is from a 6 cylinder GMC truck chassis that I found in the Maine woods. It looks like late 20s or early 30 s . It says made in USA by General Motors truck Corporation, Pontiac, Michigan. It is stamped model T 11, and Chassis number 592639. Anybody know what year this is? I have the engine, trans, cowl, and front fenders, and rear end. The frame is pretty well trashed. Thanks again, Doug
  14. I bought a pile of old parts 2 years ago....most of it was 1950 Olds, and there was a little 52 Plymouth, and some oddballs. There are a pair of nice chromed diecast trim parts, look like end caps for fender trim, or backup light delete trim caps? They both have number 5939635 cast inside them....Perhaps a GM part number? Any help on these will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Doug
  15. Hi, again, I also need to ID this 1920's style GUIDE RAY TYPE A HEADLAMP. It is the drum style, and mounts at the 3 O'clock position. The frame around the lens is aluminum. The visible part of the lens is about 6 3/4 inches in diameter. Looks like it came off a lower priced car or truck in the 1920's . Thank you for any input. [/ATTACH][/ATTACH]
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