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  1. in my on again off again relationship ...with my cord. i'm in another parts gathering phase. we'll have to see if i have the "financial stamina" it takes. a couple bigger items i'm looking for are front & rear bumper assemblies w/o towel bars. additionally, on steering column... stalk & electric shifter control. let's start with those. thanks in advance.
  2. i really like the design of the 36-37 zephyr. it's hard to give a value from 1 picture but, having looked at these early zephyrs for years, on line....i'll throw something out there. between $5,000 & $8,000. if it could be used mostly as is. i've seen several very nice driver quality 4-door zephyrs in the $15,000 area. on your car that(driver quality) might require paint, interior & some mechanicals'. a 2-door zephyr sedan is rare and sometimes, that adds considerable value. all the best.steve
  3. obviously... they were used in the grahams too. my interchange book claims in graham only (however the book is wrong)... i did find a gasket set at northwestern auto right in g.r. michigan. it was still in it's studebaker envelope (that made the transmission guy smile). they are able to special order the bearings..if i need them. the gears and hard parts look really good in this 70,000 mile t-88. it does not appear oil-starved. the trans has been the shop for several weeks so, i can't really tell from the exploded view if it is an exact match. the front floor in the graham is nearly flat. i am printing a copy to take along. by the way.... i have a 1963 avanti. so i'm a studebaker nut too.
  4. thanks. good tip. trany guy is worried he will ruin them by taking them out. i think i have a lead as to a studebaker connection to the t-88. which might be a listed part #.
  5. that is great. just what i'm looking for. thanks.
  6. hi there, my transmission guy is going crazy looking for seals, bushings and bearings for my graham trany. a three speed column shift with syncro 2nd & 3rd. it is a Warner gear t-88-1F WG / division W // adaptor R7-8E // overdrive R7-1B i have found main bearing listed on e-bay otherwise nothing. can't find a listing for a t-88 anywhere. could it be a variation on the t-86? thanks in advance.
  7. hi there, my transmission guy is going crazy looking for a seal kit for my 1940 sharknose. the transmission is a Warner gear t-88-1FWG / division W // adapter R7-8E // overdrive R7-1B . any help would be welcome. i cannot find a t-88 listing anywhere.... however the t-86 seems to be pretty popular. are they similar? thanks in advance.
  8. hi there, this is possibly Studebaker related so.... i'm throwin' it out there. i'm working on a 1940 graham sharknose and the transmission guy is having problems locating a seal kit and bearings/bushings for the transmission. one of his contacts thought a Studebaker used the same transmission but, could not pin it down. so here's what i have: Warner gear 3-speed (2nd & 3rd syncro) column shift with overdrive. main unit # T-88-1FWG / division W // adaptor R7-8E //overdrive unit R7-1B . any thoughts? thanks in advance.
  9. hi all, thanks for the offers. i did buy a very nice reproduction from stuz club member ernie toth. i'd recomend him if you need stutz literature. thanks again, steve
  10. i had two cars done by our local e.s. in 2001. i did all the prep and trim removal. that took about a full day or so for each. 1958 edsel and 1952 buick. i did upgrade to the 2nd tier of colors. each car was 2-toned. cost about $500 each. turned out quite nice. most old cars will never be show cars or real valueable. amount spent was appropriate for the vehicles. pleasant old driver cars.
  11. 1926-1927 challeger series verticle 8 - reprint would be o.k.
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