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  1. Here is the # off the engine between 1-2 cyl C18-17834
  2. Thank you Keiser I got the # off the block down behind starter. I will get the right one in a little while. Thanks Deano
  3. I would like to know a little more about my new car and engine and trans. So I have writen down all the # from car, engine, trans. The tag on body is C184T-13620 103-632 S OD Job#46-538 Serial# 7550379 #s on engine are Head 679769-1 block 11-5 666029 Trans. # 8-20-37 T86A-1 W.G.DIV. Back part of trans(overdrive) 9-15 R6-18 Any info would be great like color of body, options, if engine is the origanal. Thanks Deano1938
  4. I am selling the front susp. of my 1938 chrysler royal. A- arm springs brake drums hubs everything. Also have the rear end driveshaft and engine and trans all for 38 chrysler.
  5. I have a flat head 6 out of a 38 chrysler royal. This is a complete engine minus the air cleaner, from fan to out put on trans. I had running for a couple of minutes and it seamed to run ok. Trans is a 3 speed with o/d cable. If any oune is interested in this I will sell or trade for a chevy v-8 and trans. Email me at deano6772@hotmail.com for more info or pics.
  6. i know the blocks are wrong but I will be changing them tommorow as my friend is bringing me about 14 new ones from a job. But thanks for the heads up. Here are a few pics of engine removal and a power washed frame. Also I might be selling the engine and trans. As I have two. 3 speed with cable activated overdrive. Had running for short period of time like 3mins or so sounded ok. trans looks good inside front shifter hole. Where can I get front end bushings?? Thanks Deano1938
  7. Well after a good look over ive decided to tare the 38 off her frame and start from the frame up. I did get the flat 6 to run for about 3min but it didnt run that great and leaks oil pretty stedily. The u joints are shot front and back. No brakes due to the master cyl being removed at some time, but I have it. Frame looks good and the bottom of the tub looks great. Still looking for a drivers fender, radiator, and the shroud that the grill sits in. Well thats it for now, tommorow is engine removal and frame cleaning day. Im going to post twice to load more picks first set of pics is front day one and two. second post is from today.
  8. Thanks first born, its kindda like all my projects run and drive great but are not really finished.
  9. Thanks for the quik reply Matt and everyone else I guess I should just fill them then, right?
  10. That would be kind of neat if it was a police car, if it was would it have come from the factory that way?
  11. it does have a radio but all the pics Ive found, There dosnt appere to be anything on that corner.
  12. Cool, i am looking forward to getting into this project. I dont a lot of reading and am well aware of the project that lies ahead. Thanks deano
  13. 1938 chrysler royal. Holes in drivers side body above rear fender. Can find any pics with some thing there. Any input would be great. I have circled it in pic. Thanks Deano
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