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  1. I drove 30miles this morning just to get a cup of coffee, great drive. The car runs great and gets more fun by the mile. I thought once I got it going I would start to do other repairs but I really don't want to stop driving it now. Cruises at a bit more than 40 very comfortable but when you engage the overdrive it really moves out and can easily do 65 with what seems like pretty low RPMs. Still needs work but it’s a fun car to take out on the road, nice brakes too. I could not have done this without the help of Ed Minnie, he really, really knows his stuff. Thanks Ed, you need to come back soo
  2. Could someone who has put new rings in a 1930 353 V8 let me know if it is possible to do with the crank in?? The end of the rod is to big to go thru the cylinder so you cant just disconnect and pull the piston up and out. I am planning on pulling the combustion chambers off the crankcase but just want any tips from someone who has done this.Any ideas?? Thanks Martin
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