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  1. I have been contacted to do a site visit at the old Studebaker building in the Manhattenville section of NYC. My company restores and installs large tower and outdoor clocks. The tower on the building looks like it could have had 4 clocks installed at one time as there are center holes already bored thru the walls for the hand shafts. There are no numerals and its hard to tell if it ever had them from the pictures that I have seen. Is it possible that the plans called for the clocks but they were never installed, or did it have them but were removed years ago?? If anyone has info on this please post here or contact me directly at martin@abouttimect.com. I'll post some pictures when I do the site visit, thanks. Martin Cooke
  2. Marty, You are correct, Lloyd is a really nice guy, met him at Hershey several years ago and listened to several stories of his work. Talked for about an hour and in that time at least 10 people came up to say hello to him and thank him for work he had done for them in the past. There are not many people left as smart as Lloyd and as a plus just an all around good person.
  3. Its a torque tube, I removed the tube and shipped it to Lloyd Young. He does this for LOTS of cars, and does a great job. He did mine about 4 years ago and I think this is his currant info. He is in his 90's now but has someone helping him, he is a great guy and a mechanical genius (he does a lot of other things besides overdrives). Lloyd Young, 4915 Lithopolis-Winchester Road, Canal Winchester, OH 43110. 614-837-7832
  4. I believe they are all that size, I put the same one in my 1930 Cadillac, worked great.
  5. I am looking to buy 1914 and earlier CT license plates, not looking for pairs just singles, condition not important just wall hangers. Thanks, martin@abouttimect.com
  6. 1930's Trunk for sale needs some work but good for restoration, no key. 40"wide, 19" deep and 22" tall. $100 Located in Higganum, CT can bring to Hershey, Martin 860 301 9621 Thanks
  7. I don't know about Coker but I did have a set of Diamond Backs that looked like bias ply. They were great sooooo much better than bias ply, no comparison really.
  8. I am looking for an owner of a Riley RMS or other Rileys to discuss the car and how they drive, technical problems, spares and other things. I would really like to get a ride in one to see and feel them in action. I am thinking about buying one but would really like to talk with an owner if possible. I am in CT but would be willing to travel a few hours drive to see one. If anyone knows of one for sale please get in touch 860 301 9621 martin@abouttimect.com Thanks
  9. Any good tips on getting rid of a musty car smell. I recently purchased a low mileage car that sat in a damp basement for 20 years, its in great shape but has a musty smell that has not gone away even with fabreeze. I am now leaving it out in the sun as much as possible which is helping but has not completely gotten rid of the musty smell. Any ideas??
  10. Prefer running car but will consider others. Let me know what you have martin@abouttimect.com thanks.
  11. Not new to Buicks but I have never looked at 41 buicks like this http://www.ebay.com/itm/Buick-Other-sedanette-1941-buick-special-sedanette-RAT-ROD-PROJECT-CAR-/281290866497?forcerrptr=true&hash=item417e3dff41&item=281290866497&pt=US_Cars_Trucks Asking 11,000 but don't think it will sell for that. Its just a special but I do like this body style. I have just started looking for fastback Buicks so I am unsure of pricing but I think he is kind of high for this car, any thoughts?? I would be doing all the work myself to bring it back to a presentable nice driver. Looks like it needs everything so I think I might be better off just buying a good one, although I do enjoy working on them. Marty
  12. I used a lower rear cross member and that worked out well even with finders. I did have to make my own fender brackets but that allows you to put the fenders at the right height which adds to the low look. You can always put the original cross member back with hot rivets if you wanted. Lots of options, have fun with it.
  13. I am looking to buy MG's, jaguars, Healeys and Morris Minors any year any condition give me a call 860 301 9621 or email martin@abouttimect.com Looking for parts cars thru cars that just need a little work. Martin Cooke, CT
  14. I have set of 38 CT plates but I need two of the 38 date tags, if anyone has them let me know. Thanks Martin martin@abouttimect.com
  15. MccJoseph, Great job with this project, I wish more schools would get involved in this way. Most High Schools in my area are dropping Power Mechanics and all automotive and metal working classes which is a horrible mistake for the country. I was very lucky to have a good shop teacher in High School, we restored his Rolls Royce Phantom 2 (he did buy it on a teachers salary in the late 1970"s so you can imagine the shape it was in) learning all about engines, ignitions and fuel systems and body and paintwork. After three years of work we went for several drives in the car which made it all worth it. It was a great experience and I still keep in touch with him to this day. Keep up the good work, Martin Cooke
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