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  1. update sorta? A few weeks ago while attending a local towns annual " pie ' celebration ( This town being a few short miles away from the possible location of the cars original owner). I talked to many of the participating car show owners old and young with their local cars on display . I asked them about the Auburn ,explained what I knew so far and showed them pictures and handed out some fliers I had printed up, although some stated they had no knowledge of what it was or any possible help to its source , a few spoke of a local police officer /car guy who grew up in the area a
  2. no new news still lookin for the engine and frame... not a single lead as to previous owners or location of prior storage..
  3. It started with having some 50's cars parked along my double garage in the winter and not tagged ....they complained of them being visible .. then when I moved them in the spring behind the garage to an area that was fenced in put collector $ plates on them..they wanted to see "the way I stored them " which was" not allowed "no vehicles parked on the lawn" so I put patio paver under each of the wheels which was "legal"but torqed them off ...they complained that my metal lawn furniture sets could not be stacked against the back of the garage for the winter'"looks like a pile of junk" ,the t
  4. maybe your reduced sq. footage would allow a patio or deck adjacent to it .. then have doors that open on to them for your cars access.. I personally had events dealing with fines and possible jail because of refusal to move a boat/trailer on lawn near my side yard...after numerous tickets and threats of removal to impound ... I refused to back down I would not move the boat and trailer repeating to every officer that came to fine me... they demanded I move it I said no ,no no I wil not .. When the ordiance officer called the police and they showed up and wanted to know why I would not
  5. well here's an update sorta I slipped on ice new years eve and have a pinched nerve in my middle upper back...after 7 doctors visits and numerous scans .. I am now in a 8 week therapy program and await getting better.. it hurts to sit .. in a chair or in a car and my left arm is 70%numb we also are near the end of daily radiation treatments on my girlfriend which started in middle November... enuf of the whining and to the important stuff so now whats happening with the AUBURN YUP a few folks from here have expressed some intrest in the "parts"or the whole pile its now buried by our 30
  6. life's a beach angle parking only did not mean 22 degrees vertical! turn right after the bendover beach sign
  7. before "handicap" parking zones were formalized this happened frequently she said "pick me up by the side door" you said... no parking on the lawn! off street parking week ends only ok honey ....i want the garage right here..
  8. if you find the rest ofthe car .... i'll pay big money for it name your price when you get the rest
  9. after that lane change ! now who is the b***h ?
  10. biggest music box ever! damn cell phone charger .. sell car
  11. hi kids nothing new to report should I be surprised that that there is not any responses on forums from locals who might have remembered such a car? here is the name plate pic from the driver door and the one I saw in a Grandy antique store the plate is from the CLOVERDALE CREAMERY
  12. THANKS TO JUSTIN its parts from a 33 AUBURN 8-105 SALON THE LIST hood top and sides cowl with windshield frame dash and guage panel two ashtrays ,windshield opener both front doors rear body panel two front fenders heatercore asst other metal prts from int.-ext. AND ITEMS BOLTED TO THE ABOVE LIST... if anyone can I.D. some other items from the pics swell I do have some other pics THANKS SO MUCH FOR LOOKING! PAPERDOG
  13. update sorta.. i talked the tavern owner in Grandy she had no knowledge of the car or remembered any one who might have had such a car but she is getting the name and number of people that had owned a large junkyard in the 50's and 60's .. not far from downtown Grandy. And some other numbers of folks that have been in town the longest... she also said that she'd hang up a flier in the bar for people to view .. stay tuned ..
  14. thanks theres still hope the world just got a little smaller thanks again
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