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  1. The rear end is totally rusted out. I"m not sure it's fixable. However, it does have a strong engine and transmission. The brake system had to be completely replaced; the lines, etc were rotted as is portions of the body. The Eldorado is a gorgeous car.
  2. Thanks for all the input. I had to take off the cowl because my fingers are too big to do anything with in small spaces. But, it came off and went back on easily. Now the wiper motor is on its way to D&M in Greenville, SC to be restored.
  3. 68. I've had 7 Rivieras: (4) 63s (2) 67s (1) 68 However, my daily driver is a 2018 VW Tiguan. Usually only have VW and Riviera...except for a 66 Toronado I never should have purchased. 63s are by far my favorite. I have a 67 now.
  4. Thanks very much, everyone. I know they don't, PWD....I used to have of my 7 Rivieras.
  5. Hi all: I have to replace the windshield wiper motor on my 67 Riviera. To do that I have to remove the body panel with the vents to reach the clip that attaches the wiper mechanism to the output shaft. I took out the screws holding down the leading edge of the cowling but it won't come out. Is it necessary to remove the chrome trim at the base of the windshield? Are there other screws than the 7 or so I already took out (they were the vertical ones) ? I have the manuals on DVD for the car but I can't find where it says how to remove the windshield wiper motor. Fix it, rebuild it, etc, but not how to get the dang thing out. I have the 1967 Buick Shop Manual, the Buick Chassis and Parts 1940-1970 and the Fisiher 1967 Body Service Manual. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Colin
  6. This, unfortunately, was the last of my 4 - 63s. I shipped the car from Norfolk VA (it was a California car) to Catania, Italy and then drove it to Naples. Some cops stopped me on the Autostrada in Reggio Calabria and asked where I was going. I said Napoli. They kind of shook their heads and said "CIao". It didn't look like this at the time, of course.
  7. I'm sure I'm not the only one to have noticed, but there is a 1963 Riviera in "The Twilight Zone", Episode 123, "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet". As William Shatner is carried down the aircraft stairs, the car is parked next to the ambulance. It could possibly be a 64, but the air date was October 11, 1963, so it's doubtful.
  8. This is my second 67. I also had a 68 and 4 63s. The 63 is my favorite, but I couldn't get the guy selling one to respond. However, I'm quite happy with this one...I got it 1 December 18.
  9. I just bought my 6th or 7th Riviera, a 1967. The wiper motor is not working the current owner tells me (I pick it up on 12/1/18) and I can't find a listing anywhere so far for a replacement or rebuilt motor. Do I need to have the existing one rebuilt? Is that even possible? Is there one from a different year that will fit? Any tips would be much appreciated. Thanks! Colin