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  1. Rusty, Beautiful truck Try this website http://oldihc.org/phpBB3/index.php Jim Ohio
  2. Lindsay, Put the car up on blocks where the wheels are able to turn. Have someone apply the brakes and see if all wheels lock up. adjust cables. I believe Dennis Carpenter Cushman parts has drums and brake shoes. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1H3rvjIMufdrxT7-Q5l41GwAuKF-n8VpG/view
  3. High wheelers with no model number (ie. no model A,B,C,D, AW,MW etc) Feb 1907- Oct 1907 S.N. 101 - 200 total made 100 Oct 1907 - mar 1910 S.N. 201 - 2972 total made 2772 Source 'International Trucks 1907 - 2007 ' Fred W Crismon
  4. A good spring shop may be able to make them for you if you have dimensions or a pattern..
  5. Great looking MA. PM Bill Erskine, on this web site, He may have an extra chassis. I have an MWX. The long steel shaft from the differential was bowed on my wagon. I had a new one machined. I have the bent one but it is 4 inches longer than the one for the MA.
  6. Clean the points good with a point file or 220 emery paper. Search Olson Gaskets for head gasket and Binder books for owners manual www.olsonsgaskets.com/ https://www.binderbooks.com/ihtruckspre1940.html Jim
  7. I share your interest in early electric cars. while looking for the electric, I am working on a replica of a 1902 Baker, It has a 24 volt electric motor and solid state controller. Here a man made a replica 1910 Studebaker electric https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIC4TthxWmA
  8. There are places like radiator shops that repair old gas tanks. they cut holes in the side and boil them clean and weld them back up. I think they could repair yours
  9. Here is something similar http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-1900s-Gas-Horseless-Carriage-Buggy-Lamp-Automobile-Lantern-Beveled-Glass-/152364979487?hash=item2379a9151f:g:m7UAAOSwH6lXRMwy
  10. The Pope Waverley is beautiful. Just the simple style i;m looking for. you have been blessed.
  11. Charles, I sure enjoyed your website. There is so much information there especially on antique electrics and the navigation is excellent. Thanks for sharing your literature.. Early Electric Cars Archives - Chuck's Toyland
  12. I am looking for a 1901-1905 electric runabout. Small electric runabout. Restorable, mostly complete, to restored. please state price in Email. Jim Guthrie, Ohio
  13. The car looks great, best of luck with the restore.
  14. I own a 1913 auto wagon and have some IH literature. I believe the 1907,8,9 had a Patten leather buggy front. The short hood was 1910 and 11. The 1912-15 had a bigger hood and radiator (fake on air cooled.) I have serial number lists if the plate is still on the car. The auto buggy body had a “u” shape or dipped between the seats. The auto wagon was straight back from the front seat . There is a good instruction and parts book available from Binder books. It shows the 1912 but may be of help. The 2 rods on the carb connect together with a clamp. They join together towards the front of the car. . Im glad my two rods had not been disturbed so I didn’t have to figure that one out. I am not aware of any tank under the running board. My wagon has 3 tier Castle side lights. Several brands will fit the brackets Here is a registry of auto wagons, unfortunately many have the wrong year, we take what the owners state their year is http://vihtr.com/1907-1915/ Jim
  15. I have used PC7 epoxy, very easy to find in the states. Fill,sand and paint. The fill has lasted many years. http://www.pcepoxy.com/our-products/paste-epoxies/pc-7.php