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  1. Hey guys thanks for all the help! I got the car started to day only having to turn the key (didn't need to pump the pedal or any thing). Now I just have to fine tune it all. I would never have found that adv mark on the flywheel if it were not for you guys. I could barely see it when I found it. Once I get the engine all tuned I was planing to move to the brakes. I have been looking around for interchangeable parts but haven't been too successful. I would love to convert the front drums to disc brakes without changing the front end. Ideally I would like to just remove as little as possi
  2. Thanks for your help guys. I will definitely give the vacuum a try for tuning. I Just want to get it close to the mark then go from there. I am slightly confused where you (First Born) are talking about. Here is what I was thinking when I said flywheel The marks on the right are arbitrary marks we were trying to work off of. The mark to the left I what I was thinking of but I don't think this is what you mean is it? I found the hole over on the clutch cover. I assume this is the mark you are talking about on it. Judging by this when you say flywheel you mean the plate that is visible th
  3. Hi I have a 1941 Buick Special 8. It has a 248 inline 8. I just got my radiator back and have been trying to get the car running. We were trying to figure out the timing but I don't understand how to do this with out the "degree scale" on later cars (excuse my lack of proper terminology). There is a mark or indentation on the flywheel but nothing to measure it against. As well I have been unable to find what the timing should be set to. All I can seam to find is "BTDC or as marked) I'm not fully sure I understand this. What mark are they referring to and what does it line up with? The last thi
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