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  1. Thanks very much. While I've been lurking, I've seen a lot of helpful folks here and I really appreciate the information. My grandson and I are going to learn body repair side-by-side and hope to have something nice when we're done.
  2. I've recently acquired a touring car body purported to be 1925 Dodge Brothers. From the dash and windshield stanchions I do think it's a Dodge Brothers body, but I'm not sure if the year is accurate. There's no frame so I can't get an ID number and other posts in this forum indicate any body number I might find would be useless in determining its age. One of the curious things I've noted is that the passenger side doors have only interior latching handles, while the driver side doors have only exterior handles. Also, three of the doors have a top rail (garnish molding?) with a boss and hole almost like a '30s-'50s door lock button. The stanchions were wired to the rear seat area and can be seen in that photo. I can supply more photos if needed, and I appreciate any help you might be able to provide. -Glenn Photos at http://l3d.cs.colorado.edu/~zathras/touring/touring.html
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