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  1. This guy makes fabulous and inexpensive hub pullers Contact George McMurtry at 308-586-1930
  2. Got a stuck and angry wheel hub? Well I am happy to help you solve your dilemma. I was very fortunate to be given George McMurtry's name. His business is Custom Wheel Puller and boy is he good at what he does. So if you have a stuck wheel hub on an axle be smart and contact George like I did. You can call him at 1 308 586 1930. I did and I am ecstatic! gmcmurtry@embargmail.com
  3. 1918 StutzRoadster for sale - 70+ % restored, have most parts. Overall,-- not somuch to finish if you consider work done. Serious inquiries.; leaveyour contact info. <o:p></o>
  4. The 1935 LaSalle has SOLD. Wish to thank those who showed an interest.
  5. Don't know how the date 2001 came about, but yes, I do have a 1935 LaSalle for sale.
  6. Very nice LaSalle. Has been stored in a real barn for several years. A real find and a great car to restore or make into a daily driver. Has not run in 5 years, but ran great when parked. Needs paint, upholstery, some mechanical work, battery, wires, plugs, ... you know the drill! This is a fairly rare car. There aren't many like this around. This car is priced right @ $ 37,000. Early bird gets the worm. Attached picture taken 26 years ago. If you want a LaSalle, -- well, you may look long and hard to find one for this price every again. leave name and contact number.
  7. 1935 LaSalle Convertible Series 50 for sale. Has been sleeping in our barn for many years. Ran well but now needs a new home and owner. Car last drove for weddings and special occasions. Asking price $ 37,000. Needs TLC and new owner.
  8. FOR SALE 1935 LaSalle Convertible Series 50. Has been sleeping in our barn for many years. Ran well but now needs a new home and owner. Car last drove for weddings and special occasions. Asking price $ 37,000. Needs TLC and new owner.
  9. Looking for a 1927/29 Stutz / Blackhawk 4 seat Boattail body or patterns.
  10. I am interested in the ones on top right. What leanth top to bottom and how much?
  11. I have a 1918 Stutz Roadster right hand drive under restoration for sale if you are interested. All hard and expencive work done.
  12. I am interested, but need to sell my 1918 Roadster under restoration 1st. Know anyone interested ?
  13. Another site to visit ( see attached )
  14. I would check out Carlson Brake Parts cat C 100 or, go to Restoration Supply at Restoration Supply Company -- Featured Product and on page 46 there aare a few springs close to what you want that may work. There is a site that has new old stock dating back to the 20 but I cannot find it. Also, some small tractors still use old style brakes and I would also contact Antique Tractor Restoration Supply.
  15. I think those springs are available. Go to a Napaor equivalent auto parts store...preferably with someone older and wiser. They have a picture book as well as cross referance ability. Don't use their computer. Use the older books. If you fail, post. I will try to find you a number for the part.
  16. I would venture a guess that those springs are likelystill available at any good auto parts store. Ask to see their EIS, WAGNER or equivalentbrake manufacturer’s books. Each usually has pictures and specifications forone to pick from. <o:p></o:p>
  17. That info settles in my mind what I always felt...my 20 is just a great roadster. So thank you for that clarification. I do appreciate the time you took to explain that. Rick
  18. Thank you...mine is just like the roaster you sent, however...I have 19 inch wires. Why? My 18 Roadster has the other.
  19. I see that, and now that I look at it again I fully agree. I don't know who started this conversation, but it is jogging my memory, which is good. I have my own question. I bought a 1920 Stutz Roadster from a man 35 plus years ago, and when I bought it he said he bought it with the shifter next to the door on the right side and he later moved it to the center because it had been difficult to shift. I may have it all wrong….but I recall he said there was several Stutz’s that were between the Bearcat and Roadster with that mod…or something to that effect. I have never been able to justify what he said one way or another, but there is a square chunk or wood missing and I have the original shifter he took out that looks very similar to the Bearcat shifter. I have two doors like I should on a Roadster, but it appears he did some work on that side…How can I definitely tell what the heck I have, even though I believe it is a roadster . And was there a model in-between for those who wanted a door in 1920? I think if anyone whould know it is Layden.... Thanks in advance. Rick
  20. I am not sure, but isn’t it possible that the 1919 designation in that picture is incorrect? It appears to me to be a 16 or maybe early 1917 Bearcat. I own a 1920 Roadster and mine is right hand drive and I didn’t think that the steering changed until 23 or 24, and then steering was moved over to the left side. Also, the rear of the frame looks like a 16/17 in design to me. ???? But I am not expert by a long shot….
  21. 1916 Bearcats and below had no doors, not sure about 1917, but 1918, 19, 20 bearcats only had a door on the passenger side. Anyone know what other years had one door? Howabout what years had two. I think the super Bearcats of 1930 + had 2 doors and I recall one was a cloth body and the other metal. Am I all wrong here regarding the DV32?
  22. I am happy to see people are interested in Buick Trucks. They are often an overlooked part of the Buick Historical Record. I obtained a 1911 after finding it is a collapsed building. The wood was home to termites, where the rest hadn't rotted away with time. It now belongs to my wife who absolutely loves it. It was fun to restore and is nice on the eyes. I have an extensive list of Buick Truck owners that I have had for 35/40 years, however I have no idea if these people are alive today or are still owners of the truck they once had. I would like to join a Buick Truck Club if one exists. I would attach a picture but can't seem to figure out how it is done.
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