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  1. Thank you for the reply regarding the rude and disrespectful. What I didn't mention had more to do with a few phone calls than what was written above. I received several calls and everyone but two were great and very nice people, but 2 were disrespectful and downright rude to say the least. I am not very bothered by it, but I wanted those 2 to know they were both Jerks. I am not the first person to have gotten distasteful calls. nor will I be the last, but I am not going to let them feel that is something acceptable by anyone either. I thank those who support that, for without the respectful treatment of others, the few ruin it for all the others. This site is a Godsend for antique car enthusiasts and to thrive and be what it was meant to be, it must educate those pinheads and let them know rudeness and disrespect will not be tolerated. I regret being forced to mention it, but I couldn't thinking of the others who may have had the same experiance, BUT WERE TO TIMID TO SAY SOMETHING IN FEAR OF REPRISAL.
  2. I have a suggestion for the rude and disrespectful people who made a few comments above. I didn't read where it said there were hard and fast rules. I did rear and suggest you re-read where it suggest in certain terms not to be rude, disrespectful and or question what someone has for sale at certain prices. I am not new to the forum, but in the past I have found that some people don't have what it takes to be nice and most others are terrific. So for those who aren't, -- go jump in a lake and cool off!
  3. The info and pictures for this fine Stutz Roadster are for the nice people who are not rude and disrespectful. 1918 Stutz Roadster info and pictures.pdf
  4. I didn't know where to post this, but I ran accross this site and wanted to share it with those who havn't. They make gaskets of almost all kinds, even Stutz Staight 8 head gaskets. The also make leather grease seals and a lot more. theirname is Gaskets-to-Go I hope this helps some of you. Rick
  5. I have two Stutz of that era with transaxles. In researching at Harras many years ago, which I don't wish to recall, I found the oil grade like Layton said is around 140. I am told SAE 140 was more like what was used. In my experiance the additives are ok if seals made of neopreme were used, but if not...NO oil additives! Also, if the transaxle was not taken apart and cleaned tthan....than again No Additive, because it loosens the crap up, --but if the Trans is clean and no wory on seal type, then additive type oil is OK. I also understand that the oil used in teens was not that well refined so using todays oils is good....but stay away from high acidity oils if you can because of the aluminum doesn't like it that much. If I get some time I'll send you a copy of the book on maintenance and care for the transaxle, which will be extremely helpful.
  6. Looking for a 1951 Hudson Hornet, preferably Baby Blue and restored and loaded or nearly so. Very picky buyer. No ovious repaints. Must be a well done color change if one was done.
  7. Make me an offer I can't refuse for entire inventory! Rick WATER DISTRIBUTION TUBES inventory 01.pdf
  8. I am in Murrieta Ca. Ph # 951-698-0820 for more info Rick
  9. I used 6 packs of JB Weld on the inside of my Gardner's water jacket before I made one from Stainless. It worked for 15 years and still doesnt leak. If you do it right, JB Weld last's a long long time.
  10. I am looking for a rebuilt Shecbler SX-222. AAnyone have a nice one to SELL or TRADE? Rick
  11. 1918 Stutz Roadster for sale. Have most all parts and not a lot of effort to complete.
  12. By chance, is the following still available? 28/29 Stutz chassis and all running gear with Buff wires wheels?
  13. I have a very nice rear end (worm drive) for a Stutz Safety Chassis for sale. $ 750.00 Also 2 worm drive pumpkins. 1 for $ 250.00 and 1 for $450.00 Send Private Inquiries
  14. thank you so much for sending me those and explaining. Loved the videos. Rick
  15. Hey thanks a lot. I know very little on the two pumps, and I have had them for 40 years. I am now going to restore them as a fun project. One man said the yellow appeared to be a divers air compressor, but I had no idea if that was accurate.
  16. Pontiac There is no need to be condescending, this is supposed to be a site to help each other
  17. Hi and yes... Please end me a private email and I will send a list.
  18. I have nearly $ 16,000 to 20,000 in cost value ( not profit ) with over 800 WD tubes to trade, preferably for restored gas pumps.
  19. Perfect for someone who needs inventory. Very Reasonable Price for entire stock approx. 850 pcs. Only serious inquiries please! Private reply
  20. 1918 Stutz Roadster for sale: Most of the restoration has been completed,-- 75%. At least the hard part! This is a car for the serous Stutz lover. Please leave your info. Not many like this one around.
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