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  1. Hi, I have an original '64 with the ever-popular 425 - it's time for a rebuild, but I'm not sure on costs, or where to go. I'm in Portland, Oregon and my usual guy, Mike Nielsen, retired and the other recommendation in Salem, seems very busy, so that might take him a year to get to. SO, three questions: 1) What should I expect to pay, roughly, for a good quality, specialist rebuild? 2) I could get a local classic car place to pull the motor, ship it out and then drop it back in, once it's done - are there any potential pitfalls with this approach? 3) Any recommendations on Nailhead rebuilders? Thanks in advance Keith
  2. Hi, it was one family owned california car, it it's now in Oregon, and It has always been dry til this fall, even with seven years of Oregon weather. I suppose the queation is - does the water just leak in at the bottom, in the gap between the glass and the trim? OR does it com in from the sides too, and also along the top side of the trim (where it meets the roof)? Thanks Keith
  3. I seem to have developed a leak into the trunk on my (previously bone dry) '64 Riv - It seems to be coming from above the spare and looks like it could be from rear window - I'm not sure I'm skills-wise, or budget wise, at the moment, up to taking the whole thing apart, but would silicon sealer eased into the gap between the glass and the stainless surround, actually do anything? All suggestions gratefully received Thanks Keith
  4. Thanks for all the input, Guys, much appreciated. Also for those who wanted to know about the wheels - they're chrome 15" with a small smoothy cap modded to take a three spoke spinner with R logo in silver. The paint is original 'Tawny Mist' with fawn and saddle interior. Thanks for the help....I'll be back for more. K
  5. Many thanks, Guys. I've just dropped Russ a mail - No doubt, I'll be back to get some ROA input on the various options K
  6. Hi, I live in Portland, Oregon and have a '64 Riviera 425 in need of a motor rebuild. I am planning to have a local restorer pull the motor and then ship it where required. I'm not necessarily wanting a massive power increase, but a few extra hp never offends. I really just want someone who knows these motors and will do the job properly. Any suggestions will be gratefully accepted. Kind regards Keith
  7. I have a one family owned California black-plate '64. I've owned for about 6 Years. It's time for a complete motor rebuild and tweak and I just found out the guy who I was going to take it to is retiring...He was also doing the front end and other general bits (A/C restoration, Heater, Muffler system, etc...) Anyone got any suggestions of good classic Buick mechanics in the Oregon (Portland ideally, but will travel) or Washington state. Thanks in advance Kind regards Keith Temple.
  8. Hi Everyone. I hope you can help, I'm trying to assist my Mechanic, by attempting to source a Lower Bearing Retainer for the non-tilt steering column of my 64 Riviera. From his description, it's a fairly simple plastic ring. Do any of you fine men and woman have one that you might want to part with (for a reasonable fee), or have any ideas where I might find one? Thanks in advance Kind regards Keith
  9. Do you have them still or did they go fast....oh also any idea on shipping via Greyhound to Oregon 97212 Thanks Keith
  10. Dear Members, Firstly. let me apologize to the fine people of the Association for raising such a lowly question, however, as they were on the car when it rolled off the line, I would like to restore them both, front and back, to working order. I have checked them on the meter, but have no power to either; for the rear the dome lights and trunk light work, so I'm presuming that the fuse is good. For the front, all I can find in the original handbook is that the fuse for the front lighter is in the rear of the assembly somewhere(?) and that the fuse itself is "special".....not entirely helpful. Once again, I thank you in advance for any light you mat be able to shed. (Sorry, but as my old Gran used to say, "A badly considered, and poorly thought through pun is better than no pun at all!") Kind regards Keith PS - I'm also not sure where the lamp is for the front assembly
  11. Good idea, but sadly the door is "promised to another"...so it's time for the penetrating oil! Thanks though Keith
  12. Hi All, Just a quick one - I've located a remote door mirror at last, but it is still on the car being parted out....SO..... 1) what's the easiest way to remove the outer skin? 2) what's the easiest way to remove the inner door trim to retrieve the remote control? Any help would be VERY gratefully received. Thanks in advance Keith
  13. Thanks for the super prompt reply RivNut! I suspected I was right but having seen a friend empty a quart of oil into the radiator header tank on a new rebuilt 67 Citroen DS, I always prefer to look stupid up front! Once again the Riviera Forum members come through! Thanks again Keith
  14. Good Afternoon, Members, I noticed this morning that the oil warning light came on as I made a couple of stops - it flickers off in 2 seconds, but I would like to top up my level... While this might sound like a dumb question (or as my father used to say, "there are no stupid questions, just stupid people") - is the oil filler the opening halfway along the valve cover on the drivers side?...My level is looking pretty low so I'll have to get it into the shop, but I just need to get around this week. I have searched all over the forum, here and on Team Buick, but as it's such a basic point it's never mentoned...and when the owner's guide was printed there were men in bow ties who did that sort of thing, so no help there either... Thanks in advance Keith
  15. HI, just quick one (AGAIN!) - Does anyone have an idea or the placement on the "how to use the jack" decal on a 64 Riviera - I was told it goes somewhere on the truck lid, but where. A photo of an original might be even better, if such a thing were available. Thanks again in advance Keith
  16. Hi, Just a quick one - I am going to be picking up a remote door at the weekend and was wondering if there are any tips to removing it (including all toggle controls, cabling etc.) from the car being parted out. Thanks in advance. Kind regards Keith
  17. Thanks for getting back so quickly, Just the standard driver's side, but I would like to adapt it to mount on the passenger's side, by rotating the mirror mount. Happily I am also in Portland, OR Kind regards Keith
  18. I'm not sure if the 63, 64 and 65 versions are all the same, but I would like to buy a good condition example. So, does anyone have one laying around gathering dust? Thanks in advance Keith
  19. Good Morning People, As the Oregonian rainy season has kicked in with a vengeance, I have noticed that my 64 has begun to show signs of taking in water from around the door seals. The leaks seem to have two patterns: A fairly steady drip from the around half way up the leading edge of the drivers side window (between the chrome of the A pillar and the that of the door). A more serious one on the passenger side which looks as though it may be coming from under the dash - not sure if that means the windscreen seal needs replaced too. I'm sure the door / roof seals are the culprit here too, but I did notice a few drips on the carpet Anyway, as the door and roof seals are all original and fairly perished I'm sure replacing them would be a good starting point. My questions are: Does anyone have recommendations of sourcing decent quality replacements. Is the removal / replacement something I could tackle myself or should I take it to be done professionally - I know the answer I would prefer in these hard economic times, but would also not want to run the risk of doing the job badly to save a few dollars Thanks in advance and Happy Holidays! Keith
  20. Sorry guys, just to clarify, it's a non-tilt column. Hope that makes things easier Thanks, Keith
  21. Good Day to all you fine people, While I am growing to love my first experience of Riviera Ownership more and more each day, I have been having some ongoing (while intermittent) issues with my turn signals. I suspect that the main problem lies within the turn signal stalk / controller itself as when then lamps work they do so perfectly. So far my main issues have been: 1) Sometimes when flicking the stalk to the right it doesn't do anything at all (nothing lights on the instrument panel and there is no audible "clicking"), Additionally, the external turn signals do nothing. However on other occasions it works perfectly - apart from the issue listed below, that is. 2) The turn signal rarely cancels itself or clicks back to position. My presumption is that the assembly probably just needs a good clean / lube, but I'm not sure how to get to it or what to do once I get there. Any thoughts? Thanks (once again) in advance. Kind regards and best wishes for the Holidays Keith
  22. I just received my newly engraved "Built expressly for" plaque, which I ordered to honor the original owner and grandfather of the family I bought my California Black Plate '64 from. What I need to know is, was there ever a specific location where the plaques were supposed to be fixed? Thanks again Keith PS - Thanks to all the ROA members who help me locate the blank plaques. You are all Princes among men!
  23. Hi, I'm researching the custom / aftermarket wheel options for my 64 Riviera. I'm looking for something wide enough to fill the rear (and front to a lesser extent) wheel wells, without going crazy. Ideally I'm not looking for anything too Muscle Car themed, but would be really grateful if members could post some shots of what non stock wheels have been fitted on their cars. ...and finally, can anyone give me sizes of non stock wheels and tires that they have used successfully. Thanks (once again) in advance Keith
  24. Hey Lr70, while this one isn't exactly Pantone accurate, it does have the added charm of a '64 Riviera as an option...plus - window tints, ride height adjustment, wheel and tire sizes, etc. Newstalgia Wheel, American Racing Wheels, Boyd Coddington Wheels, Billet Vintiques, Colorado Custom Wheels, Cragar Wheels, Bonspeed Wheels, Foose Wheels, Radir Wheels, TQ Chrome Hope this helps Kind regards Keith
  25. Hi, I was just wanting to get some guidance / advice on the wheel options for my '64 Riviera. Currently, it has wider 1970's after market chrome dishes, which were on it when I bought it, and while they look OK I would prefer something a little more traditional / original. Ideally, I would love to get as close to original Road Wheels as I could, but retain the wider look. I did find what I thought would work Wheel Vintiques - Buick Style, 57 series but I think the bolt pattern is incorrect. So, any thoughts would be gratefully received, but just to clarify, I'm not really wanting to go down the obvious (ie Torque Thrust) after market route. . Thanks in advance Kind regards Keith PS - In closing and just to spread a little Riviera-related "sunshine" - I recently had some work done on my 425 and when I picked the car up I asked the mechanic how it was now, to which he replied - "It purrs like a happy kitten and runs like scalded dog!" - Nice! (Coming soon to a T-Shirt near you) PPS - ...and he was right.
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