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  1. send me an email ddove1972@comcast.net and I can send you my phone number
  2. Make a reasonable offer. I really have no need for it (it is just sitting in the box on the shelf) but I am not going to give it away.
  3. Yes it is still for sale. I thought this ad expired long ago. :-)
  4. 2carb, I would entertain any reasonable offer. I am not exactly sure of what an NOS floor mat would be worth to be very honest. I know the after market mats for 37-38 Buicks are about $240.00. I can not even find one for a 1940 to compare it to. Thank you
  5. I am selling a NOS front floor mat for a 1940 Buick. It is Black rubber with hog hair insulation (if that is what they used) that I had for my car and never installed it. It is still in the box. If you would like to see pictures of it, please email me at ddove1972@comcast.net Body by Fisher logo
  6. Bob, I also have a 1940 Super 8 just like yours. I am having a problem finding a carb rebuild kit since the carter WD-O carb that is on it does not have any tags. Would your carb possibly have any tags on it that would tell me what carb it is? Thank you in advance for your time
  7. I have a 1940 Super Eight Model 40 that I need a few parts for. I am looking for: 1.) The shifter knob 2.) The throttle cable end or the whole cable (The plastic pull end is missing) 3.) Vent knob handle that is loceted under the glovebox 4.) Seat adjust knob If you have any of these parts that you would be willing to sell, please reply here or send me an email to ddove1972@comcast.net Thank You
  8. OK I disconnected the line at the fuel pump that goes back to the tank. I blew air thru it and found that I had a leak at the rubber hose just outside of the tank. I put two new clamps on there and seemed to have that taken care of. Will I have to prime the fuel pump before it starts pulling fuel again or should it just pull it out of the tank?
  9. Thank you Bob. I wil try all of that. Plus, I did not know that there was a bowl at the tank.
  10. When I brought the car home a few months ago it started and ran fine. Now it will not start. I have fuel in the clear fuel filter (before the fuel pump). I disconnected the fuel line from the front of the carb and when I crank it over nothing comes out. The fuel pump that is on the car was changed recently looking at how clean it is. Is there a common problem with these old fuel pumps that I can look for? I am a mid 60s Chevrolet guy so when I look at all of the lines that come from this fuel pump, I get scared. :-) Any ideas?
  11. I have a 1940 Buick Super Eight. My master cyllinder cap has a leak. It is a one pice cast cap but it leaks (seeps) from around where the nut is molded on the cap. Do you have one sitting around that you want to sell? Does not have to be new.
  12. Thank you very much for the part numbers. That is all I needed. Looks like that is the same part number for the Pontiac and I found the place to order them (Automobile Archives) for $4.00. I appreciate all of your time looking the part numbers up in your reference book.
  13. Good morning everyone. I have a 1940 Buick Super Eight that I ALMOST have back on the road. I have one issue that I need help with. I need the front brake cyllinder PINS that go from the wheel cyllinder to the brake shoes. A part so small is stopping me from getting out on the road. They do not have to be new (I can clean them up) I just need the pins so that I have front brakes. Thanks in advance for any assitance
  14. Do you have any front brake parts for a 40 Buick Super Eight. I need Wheel cyllinder pins (plungers) for the front that go from the cyllinder to the brake shoes. Thanks
  15. Would you be interested in selling the wheel cyllinder pins (plungers) for the front brakes from one of the frames that you have?
  16. I have a 1940 Buick Super Eight. I was able to buy ALL of the brake parts for the front with the exception of the brake cyllinder pins (plungers) that come from the brake cyllinder to the brake shoes. Does ANYONE have two sets that they would like to sell? Thank you. I am 4 pins (plungers) away from being on the road.
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