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  1. 1st, i offered it last year with no price, 2nd if a guy in australia wants the stuff, too bad he pays for shipping or he doesnt get it! and like i said before, ill hang on to the **** forever if i have too. again im just trying to put this stuff out there if some one needs it. i dont NEED to sell it. And if your not interested then lay off.
  2. I think $800 is very reasonable! And thats with shipping too. i dont know when you can find all that stuff matching out of the same car for 200. Not even at a swap meet. And by the way DPAUL272, ill have the front fame clip complete with two rims if your interested in that as well.
  3. i think this car was conveted to 12 volt as well. but i can throw in some electrical stuff for ya. im not going to use it and maybe it will work for ya. let me know if you wanna see more pics. ill post them on the same link.
  4. oh ok. how does $800 shipped for motor, tanny, rear end and axel sound? i think thats reasonable for all orig stuff. oh the rearend is missing both drums. i had trouble getting the wheels off. did you see the pics?
  5. well i still have all the parts from the car. Motor, tranny, rear axel and drive shaft. What exactly were you looking for? oh im in youngstown ohio.
  6. thanks! i will do that. still working on the rear frame right now. when i move up front to tear everything out then i will post pics of the motor and tranny on some different forums .
  7. did anyone check the pics? what cha think?
  8. hey if a 1948 is the same ill sell you the whole axel with one good drum for $100.
  9. ok really, im not going to scrap the parts. i was just ticked off at the time. if i cant sell them for a reasonable amont of money, then i will just hang on to them. heres the link to the desoto pics http://www.streetsource.com/Profile.aspx?Profileid=52578
  10. that you keiser 31! i would gladly put a mopar motor in this car if i had one. And yes i could buy one but i cant justifiy doing that when i have to chevys that need homes first. As for me being another Boyd of Foose... well id like to thinks so but im not going to kid anyone...im not that good. Rusty ol toole, im glad you made me that offer, but i was hoping that all that stuff was worth a lil more than that. Also, im going to have the front frame section complete for sale too. Brakes, spindels, shocks, all that stuff. And where is your driveway anyway lol? Below are some links of my rides that i have built. And as soon as i make a profile for the desoto, ill post that link. prob tonight somtime. if you are interested in seeing more of my work on other peoples rides, ill post some more links so you guys can check them out too. My 1978 c-10 Owner Profile - 78airdoctor's 1978 Chevy - C-10 - Street Source My 1991 s-10 My first ride. ( sold it and built the full size ) Owner Profile - 78airdoctor's 1991 Chevy - S-10 - Street Source My 1964 Ford Milky way ( kinda me and my dads prodject together) Owner Profile - 78airdoctor's 1964 Ford - Galaxie - Street Source
  11. look, i have done this more times than you all know. i know what im doing and im NOT working out of a 1 car garage. this car will get done. and it will get whatever treatment i dicide to do to it. stock cars are for people that dont have any fab skills or imagination. you think that a v8 swap will be easy. it will. but i have many more plans the will take more time and effort. again im trying to sell these parts to some one who IS doing a stock resteration. i could just scrap them but i dont want to do that.
  12. Im in Youngstown Ohio. well 20 mins south of Younstown. a town called Columbiana. Im a shipping manager so i have the means of shipping anything i need to by truck frieght.
  13. Well i got the car. going to start getting into it soon. so if there is anyone out there looking for a numbers matching motor and drivetrain for a 1948 desoto. ill have it all for sale soon. let me know. i would post some pics....if i knew how.
  14. Hey guys! can anyone help me get some wheelbase spec on the front and rear width of the car. front to back spec dont really matter to me. i can work that out. i would measure on my own car but i wolnt have it here till november and im trying to do some homework before i get it. oh its a 1948 desoto coupe. that might help to know. Thanks.
  15. Hey guys, i here for a commom interest, the love of cars, no matter whats done to them. i dont want to **** anyone off, but i know when the car is done its going to have a chevy motor in it, prob a differant front frame, bagged on the ground, and i'll go from there after all that is done. So back to my first question, how much its the drive train worth, and anyone need it or know of anyone who would need it?
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