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  1. Hi Richard, thanks for posting your artwork.........I always like looking at all the reflections you add.
  2. Very cool.......I'm glad you posted it.......how many pages is it?
  3. Model T I did. Find out more and see a detail image on my website. This is new artwork of a Thanks, Greg
  4. Hi Nghia, Your drawings look perfect!! Can't wait to see more of your work.
  5. Hi Roy, I like your woodcut prints........that is a great look!! Sincerely, Greg
  6. Hi Janna, Super artwork......I really like the Lincoln concept you did!!
  7. This is my latest artwork titled “Vintage Dragster“. As far as doing artwork this one rates up there as one of the most challenging ones I have done. Find out more about this artwork and the actual dragster on my blog - Vintage Dragster Artwork Thanks, Greg
  8. Hi Avri, You have a lot of detail in it for it to be only 3.5 x 5.....very nice!!! Take care, Greg
  9. Hello, I am new the to forum and wanted to make a posting to show my latest work. It's of a 1962 Thunderbird taillight. I have always liked the "rocket" look of the '62 Thunderbird. Hope you like it! Sincerely, Greg
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