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    I have been playing with buicks for over 30 years. I have had many, driven many, still have many.

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  1. If anyone has any interest in this project shoot me an offer. I really hate to scrap this car.
  2. The car is located 20 miles south of Omaha Nebraska. Someone needs to save this car. I have no room for it and I'd rather not say where it's next stop will be. I will hint that I moved 1 1/2 tons of old Buick iron last winter and only got 2 cents a pound.
  3. 1962 Buick Special Deluxe convertible right out of the barn. It sat in my barn for 15 plus years and in another barn for about another 10. I have collected extra parts the go with the car. Not all of them are in the pictures. I do have the Nebraska title. Not shown are 2 automatic transmission, 3 215 engines and parts, power steering pump and steering box, rear end complete housing, 2 deck lids, new rocker panels, extra dash parts and more, more, more. I am asking only $850.00 or best offer. I will not get it built so it is time to move it on. You can contact me here but it is better to get a hold of me at
  4. 1962 Special deluxe convertible that needs a total restoration. I believe someone started the project but never made it very far. I have several engines and a good automatic transmission, power steering box, rear end and much more that goes with the car if you want them. The car has been in the barn for about 15 years or so. I do have a good Nebraska title for it. I will sell it as one project or the body separately. I was thinking somewhere around 800 dollars. Has to go because the barn needs to go before it falls down. You can email me directly at
  5. I have a couple of '79 - '80 Lesabre new bumper take offs? They probably fit other years and models too. They have been in my garage for years and need to go. They are rust free and do not have the rubber guards. I know somebody can use these for $50 dollars each plus shipping. Don't loose out on a chance to fix up the daily driver or restoration project. You can estimate the shipping from Omaha Nebraska dropped off at a shipper of your choice. Randy
  6. The 364 is sold. Still have the other engines and parts if interested.
  7. How about $200? I will throw in a 4 barrel intake too. Also have several 215 blocks, heads and other engines and parts. I have 1-'65 300 complete engine too. This stuff has to go before the snow flies. Make me an offer and don't loose out. Randy
  8. I have a 1959 364 engine out of a Lesabre for sale. I was told it has about 75,000 miles on it. The transmission went out so he pulled the engine and scrapped the rest. The project I bought this for is long gone. I would like to get 250.00 out of it. Thanks, Randy The engine is located about 20 miles south of Omaha.
  9. Here are a few pictures of the car when I brought it home. You can kinda see the general condition of the car. The known bad so far is the right front floor pan needs replaced. All of the others are ok. Of coarse the steering wheel is wrong. The brakes are bad. It scared the shit out of me the first time I drove it and the pedal went hard then to the floor. And probably more that I haven't uncoverd yet. I have 99.9% of everything need to put it back together nicely with my cherry parts car and the extra parts I have collected. Opinions are welcome. Randy
  10. I need some opinions from other first gen Riviera followers/owners. I have come to the conclusion that I will not be able to restore my '64 Riviera. As I try to figure out a fair value I became confused. I have been watching 2 of them for sale on ebay. Both were reloaded again. Is the value placed on these cars close to reality? They appeard to be a little high to me. And yes I understand that they are only worth what someone is willing to pay for them. Thanks for your help. Randy
  11. Wow! If you are trying to start a debate or piss someone off, you are going the right direction. This topic has driven a wedge between Buick owners for years. If you rememeber it wasn't that long ago that a modified class was set up and acknowledged at the National level. Good Luck, Randy
  12. It's time to clean out the barn of all the old used Buick parts I have collected over the years. This stuff was removed and stuck away 15+ years ago. I hate to scrap it but that is where it will end up at the end of November, so don't hesitate! I can ship the parts. My zip code is 68048 and I will take the part to the local UPS store using my packing. You can go to there website to figure out what it will cost you. Each item will have a $20.00 shipping fee to pay for boxes, pallets, tape, gas and etc. I check my email every morning so it is best to email me direct at: I can send you pictures upon request. Each of the following items are $60.00 each plus shipping fee (see above) and shipping: 1-left '39 Special left front fender 1-right '39 Special right front fender 1-left rear '40 rear fender 1-left '40 front fender 1- left '50 Roadmaster front fender 1-right '50 Roadmaster front fender 1-left '53 Special left front fender 1- right '53 Special right front fender 1-left '55 Special left front fender 1-right '55 Special right front fender 1- left '50 Roadmaster left rear fender 1- right '50 Roadmaster right rear fender 1- left '55 Special left rear quarter (4door) 1-right '55 Special right rear quarter (4door) Hoods: '50 Roadmaster, '53 Special, '54 Special, '55 Special, '55 Super/Roadmaster, '56 Special, '57 Special. Deck lids: '54 Special, '55 Special, '55 Special, '57 Special. There is much more to come over the next few days/weeks so keep watching. Randy
  13. Tom, I checked both of my '64's yesterday and found no such plate under the hood. One of them is a pretty much unmolested KX code. I even checked for rivet holes or broken spot welds. Randy