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    Frayer wire wheel cap

    Hub cap for Frayer wire wheel. It is marked for the spare wheel. Very nice condition, even comes with original grease I believe these were used on Stutz cars as well as some others. $150 obo Shipping extra, any questions please ask
  2. JAK

    Frayer wire wheel cap

    Sorry about that the OD of the cap at the teeth is 5", the inner at the threads is approx 3 3/16 and the thread count is 12 Thanks for pointing that out
  3. JAK

    1932 Cadillac hubcap

    Nice 1932 Cadillac hubcap. I think it must have been re plated at one time. Two small dings, may not be visible in photo $125 OBO plus shipping
  4. JAK

    Towing a Zeyphr on a dolley

    Good job, looks like a great car, my son still talk about some of our great car adventures together, some similar to yours. Am sure you will get lots of help from the Zephyr guys. Best of luck!
  5. JAK

    1935 Model K

    Mr Harwood did the Lincoln K a disservice. I find them to be among the finest cars built, and yes I am speaking from experience
  6. JAK

    Towing a Zeyphr on a dolley

    Seems to me some pretty harsh comments. Do the best you can, with whatever your comfortable with, and if an issue arises deal with it and keep going.
  7. JAK

    Solar Clipse Lenses

    Try Bob Sullivan in Olympia, Washington 360-754-4676
  8. In the spirit of the season or how it once was Have always wanted a 1915 to 19 Pierce Arrow but it has never happened. Got these lights many years ago so I'd at least have a start although they are 13 I think. They are free to anyone in need or with a dream, the younger the better. Both lamps will fit in a large flat rate box so you know what shipping will be, if under 21 I will pay shipping. John Kelso
  9. Sorry Charley forgot to add the picture, 29 Chrysler perhaps Grimy will help you!
  10. Hello Grimy, They are packed and ready to go, please PM me an address and I'll send them today. Ed thanks for the kind offer, I must confess for me the journey is what makes the ride important. Charley if you can tell me what this is I send this to you !
  11. JAK

    1935 Model K

    Ken the Lincoln Owners Club publishes a production records book, models serial numbers etc. On my 36 the body tag is located on the seat riser under the cushion, will tell you the body builder, number and model. If you have this I can look up what you are looking at. Wood work is a tough question since we don't know what your capabilities are. Some find it daunting, I don't because I've been doing it a long time. Anytime the sills are bad it can be challenging. I am presently doing wood on my 36 LeBaron Cabriolet . Interior wood is just like refinishing furniture. 1935 parts are available but very few pre war Lincoln K parts are inexpensive. Would suggest you join the LOC and you may wish to check the LOC and Lincoln K facebook groups Best of luck , John Kelso
  12. Looking for a Lincoln Continental Cabriolet for father/son restoration project. Any condition considered, abandon restoration, apart etc.
  13. Thanks Steve I've seen this one also, never been interested in modified
  14. JAK

    Going in deep

    Best of luck, am sure Dad will be looking over your shoulder!
  15. We went to Mass. to look at this car, but thanks
  16. Looking for a 1946 to 1948 Lincoln Continental Cabriolet restoration project. Any thing considered, apart, stalled restoration, etc
  17. JAK

    Going in deep

    Please don't take this as criticism but I can't help but ask why you took it apart? I know to restore but it looks like a great car to begin with. Maybe I've just never been lucky enough to start with anything that looks that good.
  18. Looking for a nice pair of 1933 Pennsylvania license plates. Will buy or trade other Pennsylvania plates Thanks
  19. JAK

    1933 Pennsylvania License plates

    Thanks but I found a pair
  20. Dave PM me a picture and I'll identify it for you John Kelso
  21. JAK

    McCord headgasket 5770

    Need pair of McCord headgaskets 5770
  22. JAK

    McCord headgasket 5770

    Thanks I have spoken to them, I'd like to find an original McCord set.
  23. JAK

    Selden patent plate

    Joe I have two, one repop and one original. Will email pictures John
  24. JAK

    Wtb: Borg Warner R10B-1F overdrive

    Here are some closeups of the numbers. Third is cast into the end. It doesn't appear to be what you're looking for. John